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51/79/30. July 29th., 1979. Hollycroft, Hinckley, Leicestershire - Report By G. Hall.

51/79/48. November 2nd., 1979. Wykin Village, Hinckley, Leicestershire Report By G. Hall.

51/80/31/36. November 26th., 1980. South Leicestershire - Report By C. Potter.

77/80/30. November 26th., 1980. Kingfisher Avenue, Nuneaton, Warwickshire - Report By M. Brown/K. McClure.

51/82/01. February 26th., 1982. Desford, Leicestershire - Report By S. Wilson.

51/84/01. July 6th., 1984. Transco Offices, Hinckley, Leicestershire - Report By G. Hall/C. Potter.

77/89/01. April 1989. The Old Fosse, North Warwickshire - Report By G. Hall.

51/94/11. October 24th., 1994. Forest Farm, Kirkby Muxloe, Leicestershire - Report By G. Hall.

51/94/12. October 28th., 1994. Queens Park, Hinckley, Leicestershire - Report By G. Hall.

- 1979 -



Daylight Twin Cones

Sunday, July 29th., 1979, 16:15 Hours. Hollycroft, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 419 945. Geo. A1.

An interesting observation of two identical flying objects was made on the above date. The first witness involved was an 7 year-old boy who, after watching something unusual in the sky for a certain period of time, decided to act on instinct and alert his parents.

The weather at the time was hot, (23 degrees), dry and sunny. Cloud formation was light, with a light south-westerly breeze blowing. However, only twenty minutes after the sighting ended, a violent thunderstorm erupted, which lasted approximately one hour. After this time, the weather again became settled.

Statement one is an account of the sighting by the boy’s mother Mrs. Pauline S, A 29 year-old housewife living in Bearsden Crescent, Hollycroft Estate, Hinckley.

Her account of the occurrence is as follows:

Statement by Mrs. S:

“My Husband and I were upstairs decorating, when our eldest son rushed in from the garden saying that there were two black objects in the sky which were not moving. We looked out of the rear bedroom window and I saw one object moving quite fast between the clouds from right to left, travelling along a straight course, and then behind it, another object doing the same. They were too small to see any details, and just looked like two black dots. At first, I though they were birds, but as I watched, I became unsure”.

Statement by Mr. S:

“My Wife and I were upstairs, when our eldest son (7 years), came running in from the garden shouting that he had just seen two objects in the sky that had flown from the direction of Hinckley town centre, and that at a point directly opposite the rear of our house, had stopped suddenly and remained motionless. We asked him to show us and we all went over to the bedroom window to look. On looking out, we could see nothing at first, and our son said that the large white cloud that was in the sky at the time, must have gone in front of the objects. We were about to forget the whole matter, when I caught sight of a black object travelling rather quickly through the sky, and I told my wife to fetch my binoculars from the other bedroom so that I could verify what the object might be. It was too small to discern any detail without an optical aid, and I thought that the object could have been a bird, or an aircraft at this stage. My wife brought my binoculars, and, on looking, I could see a sharply defined object, black in colour, that looked like, what I can only describe as an ice-cream cone without the ice cream.

This object continued to fly on a straight course, passing in front of a low, (and large), white cloud, and I kept it in view for something like half a minute. At the last moment of my observation, the object ‘fell’ and dropped down in a strange manner, similar to a leaf falling from a tree, a kind of pendulum movement, and then it disappeared upwards.

My Wife asked if she could borrow the binoculars and on passing them to her I lost sight of the object altogether. On attempting to use the binoculars, my wife too did not see anything further. I must point out that at this point I did not know that my wife had been watching two objects”.

BELOW: July 29th., 1979 - UFODNA DATA.

29 July 1979 00:45 - Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One object was observed by two military witnesses at a lake for two minutes (Randall).


1979 Cont’d.



Friday, Nov 2nd., 1979. 17:15 Hours. Wykin Village, Near Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 408 955. Geo. A1.

A most unusual sighting took place on the above date, a high-strangeness event, classed as a close encounter of the first kind by the investigators involved.

No natural explanation was ever found for the occurrence, which involved a solitary witness who maintained that he had been physically effected by the UFO seen insomuch as he lost all sense of hearing throughout the duration of the event.

Being only 15-years of age at the time, the witness found his sighting fascinating and puzzling to say the least, and testified that his account is a truthful one, the investigators finding no reasons to doubt the boy’s integrity.

Although only of a short duration, (30-35 seconds estimated), and despite the fact that only one witness was involved, (even though a search was made for more witnesses via the local media), the case is felt to be well worth recording here.

The event.

On January 25th., 1980, LUFORS first learned of the alleged landing of an Unidentified Flying Object in fields situated on the outskirts of Wykin village near Hinckley. The only known witness, 15-year old schoolboy Andrew ‘A‘, claimed that on November 2nd., 1979, at approximately 5.15 p.m.., as he was returning to his home in Hinckley along Wykin Road, that he suddenly, for no apparent reason, lost all sense of hearing. Never before being prone to hearing defects sudden or otherwise, the boy simply could not understand why every sound around him was being eroded away.. The witness said that the bicycle he was riding normally squeaked quite a lot, yet even this familiar sound faded out at the same time as every other sound around him. At this point the witness stopped peddling his bike, came to a standstill, and simply sat there for several seconds, completely baffled by this sudden attack of total deafness. Suddenly, the boy became aware of a large object low in the sky over fields to his left. The object was described by the witness as “cross-shaped”, with bright blue static lights on the outside edges and a bigger and much brighter static red light in the centre. The red light was described further as “dome-shaped”, and it appeared to be of a sharper outline than the smaller blue lights. The witness stated that the object itself appeared to consist of metal tubing, (The term “scaffolding” was used), and that it was slowly descending on a curved trajectory into a nearby field. The boy continued to watch the object as it passed low over electricity pylons, and, after only a few seconds, came to rest in the corner of a field only approximately 150 yards away from his position. On landing, the object is described as ‘melting’ into the ground.

After the object had disappeared into the soil of the ploughed field, the witnesses’ hearing returned suddenly and everything could be heard normally again. The strange thing was, added the witness, the total lack of other people on the road at the time. It appeared as if time stood still during the sighting. Finally, the boy slowly gathered his wits and took off on his bike for home as quickly as he could go when, on arriving home, he informed his parents of the encounter, who reported the matter to the Police who, in turn and somewhat later, contacted LUFORS..

During investigations, both parents testified to their son’s exited behaviour whilst he related the event to them.

Later examination of the landing site revealed radioactive readings were at twice the normal levels at the point where the object ‘melted’ into the ground, but nothing more was found.

Map: Wykin Village.


- 1980 -






By Jeff Lord.

My attention was drawn recently to a UFO article that discussed the possibility that UFOs, on occasions, have attempted to deliberately mimic well known man-made and natural aerial objects such as aircraft, helicopters, balloons, clouds etc. and even on certain occasions, the Moon! in an attempt to deceive our senses, …. a sort of high-tech camouflage system, used whilst the phenomenon itself carries out its given tasks, whatever they might be. A sort of Doctor Who and his Tardis characteristic that could be put in place should the need arise.

Literature from around the globe contains countless examples of possible mimicking of terrestrial objects by the UFO phenomenon, with prime examples of course being the North American airship wave of the late 19th Century, and the ’flying triangles’ of more recent years, which seem to be mimicking our latest stealth aircraft and space shuttle technology.

Indeed, the case of the mimicking UFO does not seem that uncommon, but, interestingly , as far as I’m aware, it is an aspect of UFO behaviour that , as yet, has only been touched upon by researchers of both past and present.

As if the job of today’s UFO investigator wasn’t difficult enough, an underlying chameleon aspect can really make it hard work, especially in the case of modern day balloons, (hot-air or helium inflated) , which, under certain conditions, can fool both witness and sometimes the investigator alike into believing that instead of dealing with the viewing of a terrestrial wind driven device, it seems that the ‘aliens’ are making yet another appearance , especially in the case of night flying balloons complete with internal lighting. (Including the newly introduced and highly convincing Chinese ‘Glo’ lanterns ). However, in certain cases, the UFOs seem to have locked on to this factor, and are playing this particular hand in reverse.

The cases recorded here from 1980, originally appearing under the title; ’A Lot of Hot Air’, in the LUFORS Sightings Review for May, 1996, tend to fall into this particular category, seemingly to lending at least some credence to the theory of ‘mimicking’ UFOs.

If nothing else, the cases are intriguing to say the least.

The reports appear to give an indication that something certainly strange and out of the ordinary was at work at that time, and a something that had its own agenda, perhaps a something that needed to operate under some form of Earthly disguise. The chosen disguise, on this occasion appears to have been, or so it seems, the humble hot-air balloon, complete with the classic central dark band.

Aside from the outside possibility of criminal gangs operating within the shady world of illegal U.K. drug running, using more, it seems, than one night-flying hot-air balloon as their transportation, no normal explanation has ever been forthcoming that would have even come close to explaining the sightings in a rational manner.

To also give the reader a full account of these factors is our aim here, and therefore it will be necessary to record data from outside of the Leicestershire area.

It will be noted that apart from the Nuneaton data, the main source of outside Leicestershire information concerning the November 1980 sightings here, was The Flying Saucer Review.

CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-80-39-44.


Wednesday, November 26th., and Thursday, November 27th., 1980. 19:30 Hours. Littlethorpe, South Leicester., Wanlip, North Leicester., and Kirkby Bellars near Melton Mowbray. Grid ref/s. SP539970 - Littlethorpe ., SP608116. (approx. others). Geo. B2 - C.

The following sightings all occurred in the vicinity of Leicester on the 26th. And the 27th. Of November 1980.

The sighting at Littlethorpe, occurred in the Soar Valley. The field, in which the object was observed, is close to the River Soar. The site of the landed object is located between the A46 and the M1 Motorway, with this area being mainly rural in character. The remaining sightings all occurred in the northern outskirts of Leicester, but are included in this summary to give an indication of the total geographical area covered by these sightings.

The object observed near the A607, towards Melton Mowbray at 20:45 hours., occurred in the Wreake Valley over sewerage pits. The final sightings took place in the Wanlip area, between the A6 and the A46, again close to gravel and sewerage pits.

The events

The first reported sighting of a strange aerial phenomenon on 26th., November 1980 from within the Leicestershire region (which appears to belong to a series of reports for that day on account of size, shape, manoeuvres and black line characteristic), occurred south of Leicester in Littlethorpe at 19:30 hours at the same time as the finalisation of the Nuneaton occurrence. (See Case 77/80/38 Below).

Sighting A.

Two schoolgirls, Lynda D and her friend Julie G, were walking down Sycamore Way, towards the fields were Julie G lived.

At the corner of Sycamore Way, they observed a strange light over the field, “like a rocket” (quote). “The object then, rose, turned around and tilted towards us. It was shining bright lights out of something like lots of square windows. It looked quite dark in the middle of the top parts”. (quote). The two girls then walked to Lynda D’s home.

Julie G walked back along the same route almost immediately and saw that the object was now slanted towards her. As she walked further along the road, Julie observed the object’s passage over Cosby, she says “I saw the object then go up, slanting into the sky, jumping and jerking at first, then it went straight up”.

This witness gave an indication of the object’s size by stating a comparison of three double-decker buses length-ways, which would indicate that the object was, in fact, extremely large if this estimate is taken as accurate. The object’s brilliance was described as that of dull silver with its shape described as that of a mushroom i.e. - hemispherical, the same as the description given for the Poole object. One last, and certainly important feature noted, was the sound of hissing emanating from the object.

Other incidents

Sighting B

The next sighting of an aerial phenomena over Leicestershire on the 26th., November, was of a spherical object sighted between Leicester and Melton Mowbray, near Brooksby College which was observed by Jennifer R, a hotel manageress, at 20:45 hours. This phenomena was described as a “fire in the hedge”, being observed for a distance of four miles as Mrs. R was driving to Melton Mowbray. It became apparent, that the “fire” was a large, bright orange object, with a distinct black band across the centre. Mrs. R observed this object for several minutes before it seemed to sink behind a cloud. The object was compared to the size of a hot-air balloon, and did not appear to move in the sky.

Sighting C

At about the same time, Mrs. Marilyn L and her Daughter, were driving along Fylinggates, towards the Wanlip Country Club, when they saw a huge, orange/red brilliant light on the left of the road (North).

The witnesses turned around and then back, but some cars were coming along so they proceeded along the road, observing the object all of the time.It appeared to rise from low ground and “as it rose higher into the sky, there was some rays from the object shining down”. The object was again compared to a ‘mushroom top’, with its size described as very large. No sound could be heard coming from the object.

Sighting D

An anonymous witness also observed a very large object over the Wanlip area, at 20:45 hours. The witness, who was driving along the Wanlip Road, compared the brilliance of the observed phenomena to the setting Sun.

Sighting E

At 20:50 Hours, a husband and wife were in the same area, and saw a large, bright orange object in a northerly direction. This again was compared to the Sun but larger. “It was almost a full circle and flat across the bottom, with two purplish horizontal bands across it, about two thirds of the way down. It seemed odd that, although it was very bright, it had no aura surrounding it, and appeared not to give off any light itself”. As the

witnesses continued along the road, the object seemed to be moving very slowly, “floating like a balloon”. It appeared as if there were buildings behind it, suggesting it was not on the horizon. The witnesses returned along the same route at about 23:30 Hours, and the object had gone.

Sighting F

A sighting above the Wanlip Sewerage Plant by Mr. Barrie T on the following day, (Nov. 27), may have been the same object, remaining in the vicinity. It was about 16:35 hours when Mr. Thomas spotted a bright disc travelling low in the sky between the A6 and A46 roads. The object was heading north along the Soar Valley slowly and steadily. It was described as very brilliant but hazy in outline.

Analysis and evaluation - the

Leicestershire sightings

The Wanlip and other Leicestershire sightings were, after long consideration, originally assumed to represent one, or possibly two, balloons, specifically of the hot-air type, seen during nocturnal conditions, thus giving the impression that the various witnesses were seeing apparently strange or unusual aerial phenomena. The shape, the apparent slow movement in the skies, the internal glow, together with the long duration of the sightings, all lead towards the assumption that the sightings were due to a balloon, or balloons. The Littlethorpe encounter seemed somewhat different however, but on consideration, after studying the reports, it could still be assumed that this event too, was due to a hot-air balloon, taking off from a grounded position. The hissing noise heard by the schoolgirls, can be suggested as sounds emanating from the gas cylinder burners being switched on for the provision of lift. A definite identification appears somewhat unlikely however, as although balloonists keep personal records of their flights, there is, as far as it been established, no requirement for such data to be logged with any official bodies such as the Civilian Aviation Authority, or the British Balloon and Airship Club.

Weather conditions

Weather reports for the 26 and 27 November 1980 indicate that the wind was predominately north-westerly, at a ground speed of 10/16 m.p.h. These conditions would have seemingly enabled a balloon to have travelled in the direction described by the schoolgirls, I.e. in a general south-easterly direction, from Littlethorpe to Cosby. This would not explain however, how the balloon, if there was only one, managed to get from north Littlethorpe to Wanlip, unless it was transported by vehicle.

Unfortunately, none of the remaining reports give indications of exact flight direction, apart from the sighting of November 27th., where the object seen was reported as moving north, apparently again, against the wind.

Further checks

A communication was forwarded to the British Balloon and Airship Club, to a member of a team who worked on ‘Osram’ an experimental hot-air balloon. This particular balloon was known to have made at least one extended night flight, and was, in fact, responsible for a number of alleged UFO sightings over the counties of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire some time previous to the Leicestershire sightings. ‘Osram’ was shaped like a light bulb, and carried a generator that illuminated halogen lights inside it. The member associated with the ‘Osram’ project, Robin Batchelor, was contacted regarding the sightings under discussion.

It was discovered that ‘Osram’ wasn’t flying on either the 26th., or the 27th., of November 1980. Osram was the only balloon that was flown at night at that time, and no other balloon was active during the period in question. Also ‘Osram’ flights were always made one hour before dawn, so the times are out too.


No reasonable explanation was forthcoming for the November 1980 sightings (in any of the areas mentioned), and they remain unexplained at the time of writing. It was suggested that the Littlethorpe sighting may have been a grounded balloon, but again, there is the problem of times, and the fact that it was sited close to a residential area, as well as a railway, the M1 motorway, and an A road.

Maps: Wanlip




Source: Flying Saucer Review.

The sighting at Poole

Inv: Ron Lucas/Leslie Harris.


The incident occurred on November 13th., 1980 on a stretch of land known as Baiter Point. Six witnesses were involved, all nine year-old boys who attended the same school.

The six boys were playing football after school with the time being around 4.00 p.m., when one of the boys, on glancing up, saw an object in the sky which he pointed out to the others. The object appeared to be roughly twice the size of a helicopter and stationary at about 300 feet. It had the appearance of an oval with ‘bumps’ and was bisected by a black line. The body colour of the object was described differently by each witness, with descriptions such as ‘silver grey’, ‘red and green squares’, ‘red and green checks’ and ‘blue, yellow and red’. A propeller-like object which protruded from one side of the main object was also described, this apparently had coloured lights attached to it which appeared to revolve. No sound, except for a slight humming, was in evidence. The underside of the object was described as a red ‘poppy’ shape surrounded by a black border. And a yellow light which shone from a protruding source in the centre of the base. The poppy shape grew dimmer as the object departed after about three minutes under observation. The object moved slowly upwards, and then diagonally until it disappeared heading in a south-easterly direction.

The North Sea Oil Rig sighting


This account of the incident was entered into the log of the oil platform by the Chevron offshore installation manager , Derek Smith, who is an ex-Royal Navy Commander.

The sighting was made over the ‘Northern’, (a North Sea oil platform) owned by Chevron Oil (Aberdeen, Scotland) , in the Ninian Field (Block 33). It is positioned at:

60 degrees N 54’ 21.83” 1 degree E 25’ 16.46”

The date was November 25th., 1980, and the observation commenced at 06.40 GMT. It is not known for how long the sighting lasted, but it is known that it was not simply transitory. The phenomenon was described as a “glowing orange ball”, which moved about and was also seen to hover above the platform. No estimate of size is known, although it was also described as a “ball of fire”. It is thought however, that it might be too large to have been ball lightning, which is normally only a few inches in diameter. The chief reason for this suspicion is that it was large enough to be also witnessed from another platform in the Brent field, which is about 12-15 miles away.

It was immediately assumed to be a distress flare and an RAF Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft was sent to the area, and the RAF was generally put on standby. As far as it is known, nothing was found.



SP 338 935



The following occurrence was witnessed by a married couple, Paul and Julia R, who were then residing in Kingfisher Avenue, Nuneaton, North Warwickshire.

The events of November 26th., 1980 started at approximately 6.45 p.m., and ended almost 45 minutes later at approximately 7.30 p.m. Julia R. was in the kitchen of her home, (situated at the front of the house), doing housework, and preparing a meal, when her husband Paul, who was sitting in the living room, started to complain about the poor quality of the television reception. Thinking that the interference was due to the broadcasting company, Julia paid little attention to it and continued with her work. After a lapse of about 10 minutes however, Paul’s insistent comments concerning the worsening T.V. picture brought Julia out of the kitchen and into the living room at the rear of the house. As the couple continued to look at the fluctuating picture quality, Julia noted that the disturbance took the form of huge peaks of light moving upwards from the picture bottom to its top.

After the disturbance had been on the T.V. for about 15 minutes, Julia became aware of a humming noise, apparently coming from the direction of the back garden. She felt a strong compulsion to go out into the back garden and proceeded to do so. After closing the rear door, she turned to face the area where she thought the noise radiated from. It was as she turned that she noticed the garages and tree at the bottom of the garden were bathed in white light. Looking up she saw a circular object, yellow in colour, with a darker band or flange across its middle. “It looked like drawings you see of Saturn”. (exact quote). The humming appeared to be coming from somewhere close to the object which was rotating anti-clockwise through 360 degrees on its vertical axis.

As Julia watched the object , it moved downwards to an angular elevation of approximately 15 degrees and ceased to rotate. She noticed that the humming sound had also stopped, and at this point called for her Husband to come outside, which he refused to do.

After the object stopped spinning it seemed to oscillate, swaying slowly from side to side “ like a pendulum on a clock”, (quote). The swaying motion continued for about one to one and a half minutes until the object rose vertically into the sky and vanished from sight with a “tremendous burst of speed”, (quote). Julia estimated that the total time elapsed while the object was in sight was four to five minutes, and that the object was approximately three and a half inches at arm’s length, also that the object’s radiance lit the front of the large tree situated at the front of the garden.

As soon as the object moved upwards and vanished from her sight, Julia went back into the house. Paul was still in front of the T.V. and the disturbance was still noticeable. Julia was very shaken by what she had just witnessed and went through the house to get a drink. Whilst in the kitchen, she puzzled over what to tell Paul, and decided not to tell him for the moment and instead began to prepare meals for her cats. As she banged their feeding bowls the cats started to make their way to the kitchen.

At this point both Julia and Paul heard the loud humming again and this seemed to start at the same time as the cats started behaving strangely. This was noticeable as a panic stricken rush into hiding, as opposed to the leisurely way that the cats had been acting before the humming noise returned. Eventually, the humming sound ceased and the cats were persuaded to come out from their respective hiding places. After this, the T.V. disturbance continued for a period of approximately ten minutes before normal picture quality returned.

Both Julia and Paul watched T.V. for the rest of the evening, without any further disturbance. During this period it was noted that no apologies concerning poor picture quality, were announced by the broadcasting company.

Investigation Notes;

(Nuneaton Case)

The sighting of an apparent low-level, close proximity object, visible for a period of 4-5 minutes, has been responsible for a great deal of soul searching on the part of the investigators involved.

The reason for this is the repeated and firm assertions by the witness that the object’s apparent radiance lit up the top limbs and the front of the large tree situated at the foot of the witness’s garden. If that was the case then the sighting was in a very confined area, and it seems highly unlikely that a powered, man-made controlled craft would place itself in such jeopardy, by apparently approaching buildings and trees at night.

Map: Kingfisher Avenue.

The Todmorden event


The next case under discussion for the period in question concerns a sighting made at close quarters by a 33 year-old police constable who at the time was working nights alone in his patrol car.

On November 28th., 1980 at sometime between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m., the said police constable had been called out several times to an estate on Burnley Road, Todmorden. Todmorden lies close to the Lancashire border with mid-

west Yorkshire. The call outs concerned reports that a herd of 20 to 30 cows were roaming about. The P.C. investigated the area until 5.15 a.m., but no cows were found.

Whilst driving back along the A646 road, a glowing object came into view at a distance of approximately 200 yards away. The object was lighting up the area and seemed to be on the road. The constable decided to drive on towards the object presuming it to be a lorry or bus. At a distance of 100 feet from the object it became apparent that it was neither a lorry or a bus but was in fact a domed-shaped object with a top that was more flattened than the base. The object emitted fluorescent light from the top, and had a row of “square dark windows” beneath this. The thing was rotating, (anti-clockwise as seen from beneath), and was basically white. It spanned the road, being 20 feet in diameter, and hovered just five feet above the surface. At this point in the sighting there is witness memory loss, and the next thing that the police constable can remember is being further down the road, past where the object had been, still sitting in the car with the engine running, but, on looking back, the P.C. saw that the object had gone.


BELOW November 26th. 1980 - UFODNA DATA.

26 November 1980 - New Britain, Connecticut, USA - Nocturnal lights were observed by a female witness.

26 November 1980 14:00 - Bentwaters Afb, UK - Witness in car sees black ball stop in sky, chased by two jets, shoots straight up.


- 1982 -



Geo. Ref: B1. February 26th., 1982, 02:00 Hours. B582 Road, Near Desford, Leicestershire. Introduction

On Sunday 28th., February 1982, at 2.00 a.m. in the morning, with the sky overcast and a strong wind blowing. Two young men are travelling in a motor vehicle at 40 m.p.h. along the B582 road from Earl Shilton to Desford approximately one mile west of Desford Caterpillar works. Without warning, they suddenly observed a glowing white oval object through the car windscreen travelling from right to left, taking approximately three seconds before disappearing behind some trees. After continuing their journey about twenty yards further, they realised that they had seen something unusual, and proceeded to turn the vehicle around and have another look.

By this time however, there was nothing more to be seen, and so they continued home. They then contacted Hinckley Police, who in turn got in touch with LUFORS.

The two male witnesses involved were:

Mr. Michael M, 20 years, a knitting mechanic of Desford, Leicestershire, and Mr. Bryn E, 25 years, a salesman living in Blaby, Leicestershire.

The car in which they were travelling was a ‘W’ registration Toyota Carina.

The witness’s statements are as follows:

Statement by Michael M.

“I was travelling with a friend home from Earl Shilton along the B582 which is situated between the A47 and the Caterpillar tractor firm. The time was around 2 a.m. On the right hand side of the road, there is a field, and then a wood, on the left hand side there is a wood which comes right up to the side of the road. We were travelling at around 40 m.p.h. when a very large circular object appeared overhead of us, but to the right, and from the direction of the wood. The object moved over, but in front of us but to the right from the direction of the wood. The object mover over but in front of us, and across the wood on our left. We then travelled another 20 yards further up the road before we both realised what had just happened, so we turned the car around to have another look but could see nothing.

Statement by Bryn E.

“On Sunday, 28th., February, 1982, I was returning to Desford from Earl Shilton via the A47 with Michael Murray. I was driving my car towards Desford and left the A47 to continue along the lane which leads to the Caterpillar works. Travelling at a speed of 40-45 m.p.h., we had driven approximately 700 yards along the lane with the wooded area on the right. Suddenly, a glowing white circular object swept across the sky from white to left and headed over some trees on the left which obscured further vision of the object”.

Map: Newtown Unthank, Desford Tubes (NE-bound)


BELOW February 26th. 1982 - UFODNA DATA.

26 February 1982 20:20 - Montereau, France - Objects were sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. Three objects, about 10 feet across, around 300 feet away, were observed in a swamp for two minutes.

26 February 1982 22:30 - Pembine, Wisconsin, USA - Whine, then silence. Glowing pie-pan disc flew over swamp slowly. Ascends and away.


- 1984 -



Friday, July 6th 1984. 21:40 Hrs. Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Grid Ref; SP 424 943 to SP 424 938.


This case from 1984 started out as a single witness daylight sighting of an extremely low flying structured disc by a witness living in Linden Road, Hinckley, and, eventually, became a near landing case witnessed by several persons. The incident is here described as two separate phases.

The incident

(Phase One).

At approximately 9.40 p.m. On the 6th., July, 1984, a dry, warm summers evening with only a few prevailing clouds, a 12 year-old schoolboy was in his garden situated in Linden Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, studying moths for a school project when, on glancing upwards, he saw in the sky, a light blue and silver object flying object low over the rooftop of the neighbouring house. It was apparently travelling towards him and appeared to be akin to a ’ flying wheel”’ or a saucer shape flying on its edge. The young boy immediately went to fetch his mother and father who followed him back outside along with his 10 year-old brother and 6 year-old sister. On reaching the garden, the boy and his family watched as the object moved low across the sky in front of them from right to left of their field of vision.

The object, which was plainly visible to everyone in the family, had the appearance of a wheel, with a light blue metallic ‘hub’ , with various raised sections, and a silver /grey outside ‘rim’ which appeared to have several black square shaped patches spaced at intervals along it which resembled small dark windows. There was a sound heard like rushing wind as the object passed close, which, at its nearest point to the witnesses, would be approximately 15 metres in front of them, with its height being just above the rooftops. The size of the object was estimated to have been roughly the size of a typical family hatchback, and its speed judged at approximately 20 miles per hour throughout the sighting, which at this first stage, lasted approximately a half to one full minute.

Phase Two

After the object had passed out of view over the rooftops of neighbouring houses, heading on a straight trajectory from north to south, the family went indoors and immediately ran upstairs in order that they might retrieve their observation of the object from the window of the rear bedroom of their house. This they did with success but were surprised to see that the UFO had discontinued its straight trajectory, and was now circling just above the Transco Gas Grid offices and the adjourning car park. The object flew in a tight circle of approximately 25 metres, and, on later inspection, it was discovered that it was circling directly above the Transco Satellite dish.

ABOVE: Photograph (taken in 2010), showing area over which the disc was observed to circle - the trees in the foregound did not exist at the time of the sighting. The UFO’s height was level with the top of the office roof (left of photo).

Deceleration witnessed

It appeared to be gradually slowing down, “as if the engines had been cut” (quote), and as it did so it began to ‘wobble’ gradually at first, and then more exaggerated. The circling motion continued, with the direction being anti-clockwise, for about five revolutions. The object then appeared to drop out of the sky and head towards the ground, with the ‘drop’ being gradual in a falling leaf manner, until the object was out of view behind the car park fence and some nearby tall trees.

Could the Object Have landed?

The duration of this second phase of observation was slightly longer than the first, at approximately two minutes. Whether the object actually landed is un-determined, however, unusual marks were found by LUFORS investigators two days after the occurrence in the grass situated just outside the Transco Perimeter fence in Adjoining Clarendon Park, which suggested that a weighted object may have stood there. The marks, three in all. Were round, and approximately two feet in circumference and clearly defined. The space in between the marks measured exactly 16.5 feet across.

Nothing more was seen by these witnesses and they then began to all sketch the object separately and make comparisons with each other concerning their sighting. Press appeals for further witnesses were unfortunately unsuccessful.


Daylight discs - Noted Characteristics - according to the late Doctor J. Allen Hynek, who was head of the Centre

for UFO Studies, and was for twenty consultant to ‘Project Blue Book’ the American Air Force’s own investigation into the UFO phenomenon.

’ The motion and general pattern of behaviour are remarkably uniform in almost all cases of Daylight Discs . The Daylight Disc often appears metallic, and can vary in size from that of a small car to that of a commercial aircraft. The shape varies from circular to ‘cigar-shape’, but the circular or oval form predominates.

Over the years, the Daylight Disc has been consistently reported as capable of extremely rapid takeoffs, so that the disc can disappear in a matter of seconds. Also rapid stops; and being generally noiseless, but sometimes a faint swishing sound has been heard by witnesses.

It is capable of other manoeuvres (reversal of motion, turning in tight circles, non-banked curves) which even our most modern aircraft cannot duplicate. It exhibits in most cases what we would anthropomorphically describe as ‘purposeful ‘ directed motion which can be extremely slow - even hovering close to the ground or executing a slow pattern of motion.’

Maps: Linden Road.

Trinity Vicarage Road.

Brick Kiln Street.

July 6th., 1984 - UFODNA DATA.

Nottingham, UK - Summer 1984, Cigar Shaped Craft seen in Nottingham U.K.


- 1989 -



April, 1989, 19:30 Hours.

This ‘Old Fosse’ sighting account from Spring 1989 , refers to an aerial object, witnessed flying extremely low over a country road.

The road in question was the B4455 in North Warwickshire, otherwise called the Old Fosse or ‘Fosseway’.

The road is an old Roman road, and a bit neglected in parts, also there is little or no road illumination to aid night drivers. It is, however, like most old Roman roads, extremely straight, running roughly from north to south, with a connection at its northern end with the main A5 Watling Street road, before crossing over it to become a minor country lane, eventually meeting, interestingly, with the B4114, within our noted ‘corridor’ and close to the villages of Sapcote and Croft. It is not an exceptionally busy road, and is used by many as a handy route for places like the village of nearby Brinklow, and continues for many miles in an approximate SSW direction. Perfect, one would think, for making a no-nonsense journey, and, for those who would rather avoid the more busier roads. From the events of recent years however, it seems that the Fosse may be being used by others, perhaps as a navigational aid for after dark manoeuvres by non-earthly aerial objects who momentarily, have to stop to fix their position. Or perhaps, on the other hand, simply, just like earthly folk, they are looking for a straight course to follow in order to reach their destination.

April 1989 19:30 Hours.

This particular sighting came to the attention of LUFORS in 1994, via the editor of a local (Hinckley) music magazine, and involves the observation of a brightly lit cross-shaped object seen hovering above the Old Fosse (B4455), N. Warwickshire at map ref. SP450 826 in April 1989 at approximately 7.30 p.m. The names of the two witnesses involved have also been changed by request, and we will refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. ‘M’.

Statement by Mrs. ‘M’ (April 1994).

‘It was around five years ago in April 1989, My husband and I were coming back from a day out in the Cotswolds to Hinckley at about 7.30 p.m. It was a clear, bright, still evening. We were out of Brinklow and coming along the Old Fosse, when we came to the Crossroads where you turn left to go down to the Axe and Compass public house in Wolvey. (B4112). Suddenly, we saw something overhead out of the front windscreen. We stopped the car engine by the white cottage there and looked up in amazement for about three minutes. (At least a couple of minutes elapsed to when we came across the UFO to when it moved off). I got out of the car and stood with the door open upon the sill. We were absolutely gob smacked at what we were looking at.

We were looking up from almost directly underneath it. I should say, after consideration, the object was very low, only about eighty feet up. It was slightly offset from the road, above some trees, about fifty feet from a white cottage.


Its difficult to describe the object because you couldn’t actually see it. What you could see was a formation of bright white lights rather than a solid mass. These lights were arranged in patterns, formations of two, and shone out brightly despite it being a clear, calm spring evening. They didn’t flash on or off and they were the same consistency all the way through. There were no coloured lights at all.

shape and Size

The shape of the object’s ‘undercarriage’ was a cross. It’s north-south strut being slightly longer than the east-west strut. As we observed it, we counted pairs of lights along these struts. Across the east-west strut were eight evenly placed pairs of lights. Across the north-south strut there were ten pairs, again, evenly placed. Its difficult to be accurate but I should say it was about thirty feet along its north-south strut about, and about 25 feet along its east-west strut. When the object moved off, it went in the direction of its longest strut. There was something behind the lights, a mass of something, but we couldn’t make it out.

noise, atmosphere

The whole evening was very calm. There was no movement of trees. The thing above us was absolutely silent, and this is what struck us the most about the object. It was absolutely motionless, still and silent. It wasn’t hovering because the lights would have been twitching. It was completely stationary with no movement at all. Neither my husband or myself heard a sound, nothing at all.


After about two to three minutes, (it couldn’t have been any less), the object moved off and we watched it until we couldn’t see it anymore. It didn’t go extremely fast, but it went fast. It didn’t rise any higher as it moved but stayed at the same height. Once again, it was totally silent as it moved, and when it took off there was no back-kick at all, you know, how you would imagine an engine to thrust back. There was none of that before it went. As it took off and was speeding away, we watched it disappear. There is a dense wooded area in the far distance, as you are looking back south towards Brinklow way. (All Oaks Wood) ? We had started up the vehicle to follow it, and were watching where it was heading, but it just disappeared’.

Maps: Axe & Compass.

Fosse Way


- 1994 -



Monday, (possibly) October 24th., 1994. 21:00 Hours. Forest Farm Cottage, Kirkby Muxloe, Leicestershire. SK 519 029. Geo. B1.

Two unusual independent sightings made around the same time period, where multiple helicopters were also seen in the same area at the same time in re-occurring locations.

Sighting One :

Witness details: Andrew F, 36 years. Ivana F, (Wife) aged 35 years.

The sighting area is situated on a slight ridge, on the main A47 Hinckley Road, opposite Beggar’s Lane.

Area: Clear, flat, fields, bushes and hedgerows etc. - rural aspect. Sports ground at rear.

Statement by Mr. F.

“During the winter months between 1994 - 1995, I was watching television with my Wife, I remember that it was a Monday, and it would be around 9.00 p.m. At the end of the programme, or during the break, I went out to our back garden to let our dog out, and I lit a cigarette. The sky was bright, with some light cloud, when, from over the top of my head, the biggest shooting star I had ever seen. It was large star size, and no trail was visible. It remained the same size whilst in view, and finally disappeared over the northern horizon. I then looked up again and caught sight of another object in the sky. I saw a red/orange triangular-shaped object* appear before my eyes. It had no sharp distinctive edges, and appeared as big as the Moon in size as viewed from the ground, and appeared to be at a height that was the same as the low cloud. As I was trying to come to terms with what I was seeing, the object suddenly ‘de-materialised’ into thin air. Within seconds, the object ‘re-materialised’ again, but this time, in another area of the sky. After a few seconds, the object repeated this action and disappeared again before re-materialising again further to the north. The object continued to do this for the next 15 minutes, all the time heading northwards towards Coalville. I called my Wife to come out into the garden and watch with me. She saw the same thing as me as the object proceeded northwards, each time repeating the same actions. We went upstairs, to try and get a better view, and I tried to video the object.

As we looked, two, what looked like military aircraft, screamed over the house, they were different from each other, one looking like a tornado jet, with the other looking like a Harrier jump jet. I must add that during the five years or so that we had lived at that house, I have never seen any aircraft of that description before.

The next day, my Wife and I went to work as normal, when we returned home, our cleaner had left a note for us saying that our dog had been disturbed all day by the helicopters hovering over the fields at the rear of our house.

The following day, on Wednesday, I arrived home to find bright lights occasionally shining through our windows, the light was coming from the ground at the rear of the sports field, where there were at least four vehicles with large searchlights, and uniformed men roaming over the fields. We went upstairs to watch in more detail, and witnessed something glowing near a hedge at the far end of the sports field.

At this point, my Wife called the Police to enquire just exactly what was going on. They said they didn’t know, but would send someone round to us to try and find out. The telephone was put down, although my Wife couldn’t remember giving details of who we were, or where we lived. Even so, within minutes, two smart black suited men turned up at the house and asked what we had seen. We took them upstairs to show them the orange glow. One of them asked ’did you see a UFO or something’ ? I turned and looked at my Wife and said well I did see something. My Wife interrupted and asked ‘what are all the searchlights for, are they looking for, a joy rider? She then asked them about the helicopters hovering over the field the previous day. Both men said that they didn’t know anything about any helicopters. They then said that they would investigate the glow in the field. We then let them out and they got into a plain black car and drove off. We continued to watch the searchlights at the end of the field for a time afterwards, and then went to bed

The next day, as I was travelling to Desford, I saw two more helicopters hovering over the fields that were several fields away from our house, one was a single prop, the other twin. We never did find out what was going on, perhaps it was sorted”.

N.B. Note similar coloured triangular UFO seen over the same area on March 27th., 1978, (Case 51/78/48), and almost the same time, by single, female witness, Lynne B, who was also visited by two men in dark suits who drove away in a black car. Enquiries by LUFORS revealed that the Police have no record regarding the visit made to the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. Are there MIB (1). in Leicester, or were they genuine callers? Co-incidence?! - Ed.

(1). Men in Black. Sinister characters, nearly always dressed in black suits, who sometimes call on alleged UFO witnesses, usually claiming to be ‘from the government‘. Ex M.O.D. UFO sighting officer, Mr. Nick Pope however, states that as far as he was aware, whilst he was in the Ministry, no actual interviews were conducted with witnesses.

Map: Cottage Farm.

BELOW: October 24th., 1994 - UFODNA DATA.

24 October 1994 - La Veta Pass, Colorado , USA - Reported encounter with monstrous beings. A mysterious cattle mutilation was reported.

24 October 1994 01:00 - Cocking, UK - Nocturnal lights were reported on a road.

24 October 1994 13:30 - Yardville, Pennsylvania, USA - At about 1:30pm-1:45pm It was a clear blue sky I was looking due west when I noticed high in the sky a bright red

24 October 1994 22:00 - Howden, UK - Nocturnal lights were reported.


Sighting Two.


Friday, October 28th., 1994. 13:15 Hours, Queens Park, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 432 937. Geo. Ref: A1.

The sighting described below took place on Friday, October 28th., 1994, and involved a lone male witness who wishes anonymity, and so, we respect his wishes here by referring to him as Mr. ‘G’. Despite media coverage at the time regarding the sighting, and requests for further witnesses to contact the society, no additional witnesses were discovered. Several enquiries were made to various authorities by investigators, but no evidence was discovered that might help identify the objects witnessed.

On the 2nd., November, 1994, Mr. ‘G’ gave the following statement to investigators regarding the phenomena he witnessed.

Statement by Mr ‘G’.

“On Friday, 28th., October 1994, at about one-fifteen p.m., I was riding my moped home from work when, on reaching the top of Mount Road, Hinckley, I saw three dark, or shaded, helicopters all pass between the view ahead. As I got to the very top of the road, I looked further ahead to see two objects in the sky, that appeared to be reflecting the Sun, although I could not swear to the fact that what I saw was reflective, it seemed as if the objects were luminous. My immediate impression was that the objects were hand gliders, but on closer inspection I noticed that the two objects moved like you would see a pair of birds move, very naturally, swirling around the sky, and yet the ‘swirling’ seemed much more pronounced than that of normal birds.

The pair of objects did not leave each other, and they followed the same path until they both disappeared into a cloud above. About two or three minutes later, I stood on the wall of the Health Centre, which was situated just to the left of my original vantage point, and observed a brief glance between two buildings of the same objects although this time they were shaded dark.

My second sighting was a brief glimpse between two buildings again.

The two objects at this time were brighter and bigger and could not have been too far away. I’m sure that there was some general shape to them. I can also include from this that they must have been quite small, but would like to guess their size at this time. Also, I noticed that they were moving quite fast. I decided to try and follow them, and went into Queens Park. On looking downwards towards Parsons Lane, I could see the two objects on the horizon moving in an irregular fashion. The objects finally faded into the distance over Brookside. The time at this point was around 3.30 p.m.”.

The amount of time from sighting at Wood Street to Queens Park, (precisely over line A1) was probably 3 or 4 minutes.

Map: Queens Park.

BELOW: October 28th., 1994 - UFODNA DATA.

28 October 1994 - La Veta Pass, Colorado , USA - Helicopters reported over La Veta Pass.

28 October 1994 21:30 - New Mexico Border, Colorado , USA - Fog. two men in pickup skywatch, craft appeared in front of fog, hovered, mentally called it approached to 50'. Second man freaks, shoots rifle, UFO went over, levitated pick-up, dropped in bar ditch.

28 October 1994 22:00 - Trinchera, Colorado , USA - Trinchera resident June M. sees and reports "a large disc-shaped craft." It appeared to be shining a spotlight at the ground. A short time later, choppers were seen" buzzing" the area.

28 October 1994 22:40 - Bedford, UK - Nocturnal lights were reported.




Re-counting the Unusual Leicestershire UFO Events of

October 23rd.,1978,

A True UFO? Or Was This Widely Seen Aerial Object An Early Spy plane Prototype?

A Full Report By

Mark Brown and Graham Hall.


By Jeff Lord,

Chairman of

The Leicestershire UFO Research Society

Unidentified Flying Objects were reported widely throughout the Leicestershire region during the 1970’s, and certainly some sceptics would still probably argue that local people were ‘seeing things’, even though the evidence for the existence of these phenomena is extremely overwhelming. 1978 in particular, showed a marked increase in sightings of aerial ‘unknowns’, not just in Leicestershire, but also the rest of the United Kingdom, and indeed, the entire Globe.

However, even though explanations for the vast majority of sightings have eventually been found, one important Leicestershire UFO case from October, 1978, has simply refused to go away, with the ‘object’ involved, to this day, never being positively identified, and the extremely unusual multi-witness case, remaining a total mystery.

The UFO involved was witnessed by hundreds of witnesses over a wide area of the Leicestershire (and north Warwickshire) regions, on the evening of October 23rd., 1978, and was described as a dark, triangular-shaped craft, totally silent, which had the ability to hover for lengthy periods of time, before moving off at an exceptional speed. The appearance of the UFO was extremely noticeable in the clear dusk sky due not only to it’s low height (2,000 feet), and also its size, which was described by everyone involved as enormous, or ‘twice the size of a Jumbo Jet’, but also due to the fact that the object carried three extremely brilliant main white-yellow lights, appearing totally different to normal aircraft lighting systems, with the craft being visible for over 14 miles.

Several UFO Researchers of the period, including Mr. Graham Hall, who remains the current Co-ordinator of the Leicestershire UFO Research Society, which originally formed in 1971, investigated the baffling case, calling it simply - ‘The Case of the Silent Vulcan’, a title given to the case by Graham at the time due to many of the witnesses describing the object as looking like a large Vulcan Bomber, but , however, completely silent.

For over three hours, between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m., the object intermittently circled and hovered over the Region before it finally vanished from the area.

East Midlands Airport baffled

Air Traffic Control at East Midlands Airport were later interviewed by LUFORS concerning the event, and also admitted that they were completely baffled by the UFO, which, even though it had even also been witnessed flying throughout at below 2,500 feet within the airport’s flight corridor by both crew and passengers of an inbound Maltese flight into East Midlands, (1) the strange aircraft’s large image did not appear on any of the airport’s sophisticated radar systems, which later also gave rise to the un-proven theory that very early Stealth technology was being used by the strange, 1978 craft which would have prevented any radar lock being made. Suggestions were later made therefore that the UFO could have been in fact, an early, prototype of an experimental spy aircraft. such as the later developed TR-3A aircraft, perhaps undergoing a test flight for example, from a nearby USAF U.K. base. However, it was, and is still basic policy for airports such as East Midlands, to be informed officially by the R.A.F. of any test flights of any such aircraft in their immediate vicinity, the inherent dangers to the public during such tests being obvious. But, as regards the October 23rd, 1978 event, according to airport controllers, such information was never forthcoming, which added a further air of mystery to the case.

Movie film evidence

Besides the many recorded witness statements concerning the sighting, another important piece of visual evidence, was the capture of the object’s image on 8 mm movie film, which was taken by a Burbage witness on the grounds of the Hastings High School where his family were caretakers at the time.

The Kodak footage, which was filmed on daylight colour film, was immediately copied and examined by experts, and clearly shows the UFO approaching the camera head-on and at a very low-level.

Although it only lasts for just over 30 seconds, the film has always remained a vital piece of evidence regarding this particular, aerial event.


(1); Flight 706 Maltese Airlines - Inbound - Scheduled to land at East Midlands Airport - 19:30 Hours.


CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51/77-78-126-193.


Monday, October 23rd., 1978. 18:00 Hours onwards.

South Leicestershire/North Warwickshire



By Graham Hall

This intriguing case occurred in late October 1978, and involved many witnesses. I remember that in those days, sightings of localised delta-shaped UFOs were rare and investigators were completely taken by surprise by the event. No-one at that time had any idea whatsoever that the stage was being set for the future of Global ufology insomuch as the World was soon to be flooded with ‘flying triangle’ sightings.

Locally, that magnificent aircraft the Avro Vulcan, stationed at nearby Bitteswell, was originally blamed for the sightings, and many of the witness statements repeated themselves by stating that the witnessed object looked like a Vulcan bomber in silhouette with a bright light at each corner. The problem being of course, that the sighted object was absolutely silent, an emphasised factor commented on by almost all of the witnesses. If the object had been a Vulcan Bomber, we were avidly informed by aviation experts at the time, then it would assuredly have been heard, and at the height that the object was flying, it would have been heard indoors, even with the windows closed.

All this being evident therefore, and, as we were, and still are, in the habit of giving our case histories titles, all this talk of silent aircraft led me to name the case at the time, what I considered to be a more than appropriate title. I called it simply the ‘Silent Vulcan’ case.

The Events

By Mark Brown

The events of October 23rd., 1978 saw one of the largest known public responses to an article about localised flying objects since our records began.

In the first instance however, only a small number of reports filtered through to investigators in Leicester and Hinckley. Instead, many of the witnesses to the evening’s events, who wished to contact someone about their sighting, rang the local newspapers, and on the evening of October 24th., 1978 the Nuneaton Tribune ran an article entitled “Did you see a UFO” ? This was followed by similar articles in the Burton Daily Mail, Coalville and Ashby times, the Loughborough Echo, Leicester Mercury and the Hinckley Times.

Needless to say, the media showed great interest in such an apparent large “UFO” event and because of this, certain details of the sightings were released prior to investigators obtaining statements. There was concern that this may have had some influence on the witnesses descriptions given later. To try and avoid this factor, the prime objective by investigators, once they learned of the situation, was speed of investigation in order to try and reduce the effects of this mass publicity. The result of this attitude was that all witness interviews were completed within 10 days.

The interview results were quite outstanding, and it was now obvious at this stage that the object, whatever it was, has made quite an impression on the minds of the public, and had been widely seen.

The main body of witnesses appear to have been situated in Hinckley and nearby Nuneaton (Warwickshire), with almost as large a concentration in the city of Leicester and it’s suburbs. Later checks failed to reveal any witnesses in Nottinghamshire or Lincolnshire, and no known Lincolnshire newspaper articles concerning the sighting were traced. No further data on the sightings could be acquired from these areas.

Sightings appear to have commenced at 18:00 hours and concluded at 24:46 hours with a total of 67 documented, separately reported incidents occurring during that time period. The peak of the activity came within a 30 minute period from 18:30 to 19:00 hours, during which, 55 of the 67 reports occurred.

These sightings span an area between Nuneaton and Whitwick, - to - , Burton-on-Trent and Kibworth. In all, an area of approximately 425 square miles.



The same, or similar object was seen by hundreds of witnesses, including many aircraft pilots, flying low over China on the same date as the Leicestershire, (and others) sightings. It was also visible on radar.

New Zealand

Only two days earlier, on October 21st., 1978, the pilot of a light aircraft, whilst flying over the coast of New Zealand witnessed an almost identical craft hovering above his Cessna plane. It was also visible on radar. Within minutes of radioing his report of the UFO to ground controllers, both he, and his plane vanished from the radar screen and were never seen or heard of again. To this day, pilote Frederick Valentich and his Cessna aircraft are still classed as missing without trace.



Report 1. Mr. J. S,A447 - Ashby Road, Hinckley ,Leicestershire. SK 427 024. 18:00 Hours.

“I was coming along Ashby Road in my car at about 6p.m.. on Monday night. I was leaving the Cadeby turn when I saw a mass of very bright lights in the sky travelling towards me. Their outline was delta shaped. I went along for about another 500 yards looking up into the sky. I was so interested that I stopped the car in a lay by to get out for a better look. I stared at it for a while then it disappeared faster than the eye could see. In fact it disappeared so fast that I wondered if I had imagined it, although I knew I hadn’t”.

Report 2. Mr. K. P. Littlethorpe, Leicestershire. SP 544 843. 18:20 Hours.

“I was travelling home and I was between Littlethorpe and Cosby at 6.20 p.m. when I noticed 3 white lights travelling towards me. I thought at first it was an aeroplane going to land at Castle Donnington with its landing lights on, as it got nearer the lights got very bright and formed a triangle. This in itself seemed an unusual formation. I slowed down to view it more safely, and realised there were no other lights as on normal aircraft, wingtips and tail etc. I stopped my car and opened the windows as it got closer. I could see the shape as a black silhouette, it was like a Vulcan bomber, triangular shaped with a light on each point and large. The other strange thing was that I heard no noise at all, no sound of engines etc. After it passed, the lights were no longer visible and it disappeared from my view into the dark. I have never seen the like before and that includes 3 years in the R.A.F. when I saw aircraft day and night”.

Report 3. Mrs. M. S.Bosworth Park, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. SK 409 027. 18:30 Hours.

“My daughter and I were walking the dogs in the park when we saw the UFO. We did not see it appear, so we did not know how long it had been there. It was bright and shining and stayed in the same place all the time we saw it”.

Statement 3 (B). Mrs. M. S. June 1981.

“ I cannot quite remember what time it was, but I think it was round about 7 p.m. We had taken the dogs for a walk across Bosworth Park. When we reached the car park, there this thing sat overhead. It did not appear to be very high up.

I do not know how long it had been there for we heard no noise at all. It did not move at all, and no sound came from it. We stood looking at it for about 10 minutes, then my daughter said she was feeling afraid of it, as it was so large. As we went towards Bosworth, I could see it still sitting there, then all at once, it was gone. We heard afterwards that it was seen racing across the sky towards Measham. I now wish that we had waited just that little while longer as I would have loved to have seen it moving”.

Report 4. Mr. D. S. Greenmoor Rd, Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 434 933. 18:30 Hours.

“We were walking down my friends house when I saw the lights in the sky. First of all it went up and down, then from side to side and one of my friends ran in to get a camera. We watched it move off at a fast rate, a lot faster than any plane I’ve seen. As it went there was a blue light underneath. When my friend came out again it was gone. It wasn’t dark but just going dark. It was about 6.30 p.m on the corner of Greenmoor Road”.

Report 5. Mrs. K. W, Monmouth Gardens, Lindley Park, Nuneaton, Warks. SP 344 915. 18:30 Hours.

“I was sitting at home watching T.V. In my top window I saw a large light that was going on and off. I fetched my two children who were scared. The object seem to be moving, it was very large. I went outside and didn’t hear any engine noise. I watched for a few minutes and then the lights seemed to go off and the object disappeared”.

Report 6. Mr. S. Atholl Crescent, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. SP 344 907. 18:30 Hours.

“On 23rd., October 1978, prior to putting my car in the garage, I was talking to a neighbour and we both saw an object in the sky. It had a number of bright lights which dimmed, then became brighter. The object was moving slow and seemed lower than an aircraft”.

Report 7. Mrs. Jayne D, Leicester Road, Measham, Leicestershire. SK 366 143. 18:30 Hours.

“The object approached from the south-west. It looked like a star to begin with and gradually got brighter and larger as it approached us. It was approximately 4 to 6 inches in diameter at arm’s length with 3 lights, the middle one being like a searchlight with a powerful beam. It moved slowly and took almost half a hour to pass overhead. As it moved over and headed towards Castle Donnington, we lost sight of it as the lights faded out of view. There was no noise at all. Our Alsatian dog was whining and barking furiously as the object passed over”.

Report 8. Mrs. G. W, Leicester Road, Measham, Leicestershire. SK 366 143. 18:30 Hours.

“It was about 6.30pm. We were called outside by our friend and we looked up into the sky. We thought it was a plane but as we looked it was sort of round and had three beams of light. First they were on white then turned to red. It was about one and a half inches long at arm’s length and was going very slowly, then, as it reached the front of the house it was going faster - it seemed to be coming from Tamworth and heading for Castle Donnington”.

Report 9. Mr. R., Western Avenue, Ravenstone, Leicestershire. SK 445 196. 18:30 Hours.

“I was feeding my livestock down the garden when I noticed three bright lights in the sky. After about 2 minutes I returned into the house and when I came back out again I saw three lights in a triangle shape to only two lights and a red, and green, (or blue). I then watched it disappear all of a sudden”.

Report 10. Mr. & Mrs. E. C, Leighton Crescent, Elmesthope, Leicestershire. SP 469 971.18:40 Hours.

“As we looked at the object it appeared as one lighted mass, its movements were as if it was hovering or pulsating upwards at first, then coming down. It then remained static for a few minutes. The object began to move towards us slowly gradually accelerating. There was however, no noise at all from the craft”.

Report 11, Mr. K, Lychgate Lane, Burbage, Leicestershire. SP 442 925. 18:40 Hours.

“I saw bright white lights, one either side of the object and two smaller lights that could have been red. It was night time but I definitely got the impression of a large triangle”

Report 12. Mr. R. M, Forresters Road, Burbage, Leicestershire. SP 442 923. 18:40 Hours.

“Being ex-RAF I would have said that the object was a Vulcan Bomber flying south to north on the flight path used by East Midlands airport. However, the object was stationery in sight for approximately three minutes. Imagine a Vulcan bomber with bright lights on each wing tip and two very bright landing lights in the centre. It then moved towards us and overhead gather speed. When overhead I could see what looked like a red navigation light in the centre and another white light where the tailplane would be. THERE WAS NO NOISE !(emphasis by witness). I rushed to the front of our bungalow, (taking a few seconds), but it had completely vanished”.

Statement 12 (B). Mr. R. M. June, 1981.

“Firstly, I am ex RAF and still an active member of the Duxford Aviation Society restoring aircraft.

The night in question I was looking out of my kitchen window after dark when I saw these three lights.,(I add at this point that we are the flight path for East Midlands airport) that I thought was another aircraft coming over. However, a short time after I noticed the lights were still there, so I went straight outside. At first I thought it to be a VULCAN AIRCRAFT (emphasis by witness) and realised that the lights were stationary. (No shape was visible but I could imagine it to be a Vulcan). I must have watched for two minutes and then rushed to get my binoculars out of the car which was close to hand. Before I had time to focus, the lights suddenly moved forwards at speed in a northerly direction without noise. The houses then hid it from view.

I assure you that there was NO NOISE (emphasis by witness) and a Harrier Jet could not clear the distance from HOVER TO SPEED (emphasis by witness) in the time and without noise. I often think of this and keep looking out but cannot find a single solution”.

P.S. If you find an answer, I would be pleased to know.

Report 13. Mrs. M. R., Gadsby Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. SP 369 913. 18:40 Hours.

“I saw three bright lights in a line. It came down Whitestone Way and went towards Atherstone. About 10 minutes later a plane passed over”.

Report 14. Miss A. F. School Walk, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. SP 372 910. 18:40 Hours.

“I saw three lights in the shape of a saucer. It hovered then began to move, not very fast but you could follow it. As it faded the light on top seemed to be underneath it”.

Report 15. Mr. & Master B. Cosby Road, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire. SP 671 963. 18:40 Hours.

“We first saw white lights in the sky from the south-east, we then went to investigate and stood in the garden for about three minutes. It came towards us and we could see that it was something that we hadn’t seen before. It then stopped still in the sky for about fifteen seconds. There was no noise from any engines at all. We could see the white light at the front, and four green lights around it. We could see it very clearly because it was not very high, and it was a clear night. It disappeared at about 7.45 p.m., heading slowly north-west”.

Report 16. Mr. M. S. Gillam Butts, Countesthorpe, Leicestershire. SP 572 964. 18:40 Hours.

“I was driving from Blaby to Countesthorpe along Winchester Road, at approximately 6.40 p.m., on Monday, 23rd., 1978. As I passed the entrance to Countesthorpe College, I saw directly in front of me in the sky at approximately 20 degrees to the horizontal, a white cigar-shaped light. I kept this in view and then turned left into Station Road, Countesthorpe. (This is a ninety-degree turn). I then kept this light in view and it appeared to be travelling in the same direction as me. I turned again and the light was now visible directly through my windscreen and appeared as three spotlights in a Delta shape at approximately 50-60 degrees to the horizon. I stopped my van and got out. The lights had disappeared and there was no sound of aircraft of any type. The night was clear”.

Report 17. Mr. A. C, Red Deeps, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. SP 368 908. 18:45 Hours.

“My Daughter called me out to see this UFO. She and a friend had watched it come from in the distance (south) as a bright stationary light. When I saw it, it was moving from right to left. The appearance was three lights in Delta formation with one of the lights leading the other two. I could make out no solid shape but had the impression of a Delta-shaped object. In my foreground was a sodium streetlamp, the object passed in front. I looked away, then at some time it must have turned 180 degrees, because when I looked again they were moving to my right. I then clearly saw the three lights turn through 180 degrees to go left, (approximately north again). After a few moments they were enveloped by cloud”.

Report 18. Mr. T. I. William Street, Nuneaton,Warwickshire. SP 372 922. 18:45 Hours.

“The object moved south-north overhead. There were three bright lights at the front.. When it had passed overhead, the white lights disappeared and a green/blue light was visible underneath. It was completely silent and moved at about the speed of a low flying aircraft”.

Report 19. Mrs. C. M, Torridon Way, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 418 945. 18:45 Hours.

“The object moved south to north overhead. There were three bright lights at the front. When it had passed overhead the white lights disappeared and a green/blue light was visible underneath. It was completely silent and moved about the speed of a low flying aircraft”.

Report 20. Mrs. M. M, Saint Catherines Close, Burbage, Leicestershire. SP 443 925. 18:45 Hours.

“I went to the back door and saw a very bright light in the sky. It was low down and in the south towards Burbage village. At first, I thought it was a bright star. I fetched my Husband and Daughter to have a look and we realised that it was slowly moving towards us. There was no sound, so it was not as there was no light visible from the back. We could not see its shape, either due to the light, or because it blended in with the night sky”

Report 21. Mrs. D. M, Lochmore Drive, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 422 948. 18:45 Hours.

“We saw what we first thought to be an aircraft but later when we got out of the van, we realised that it couldn’t be because it was moving too slow. We saw three big, very bright lights, with the outer two much bigger than the centre one. The lights moved very slowly across the sky making no sound that we could hear. This, and the slowness of speed, made us think that it was very high up, yet the lights were too big and seemed near. We watched it for about ten minutes and then it disappeared behind a cloud”.

Report 22. Mrs. G, Cedar Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. SP 468 975.18:45 Hours.

“I was riding my bicycle down Ash Road, towards Cedar Road, when I saw a horizontal line of three white lights in the sky over Elmsthorpe. The lights were bright

and quite close together. There was no area of darkness between the lights. The centre one was very slightly raised. The lights were either stationary, or moving very slowly. There was no sound”.

Report 23. Mr. C. A, Park Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. SP 462 971. 18:45 Hours.

“My Son and I were walking down a public footpath when my Son said ‘look Dad, a flying saucer’. I looked up and said ‘I think you’re right Son’. We stopped and watched it for quite a while, trying to figure out what it was. It was silent until we walked by a high walk which stopped the breeze, and we heard a low thunder-like sound”.

Report 24. Mrs. J. V. W, Elmesthorpe Lane, Earl Shilton. SP 456 968. 18:45 Hours.

“I was hanging my washing out, it was just getting dark, when I saw the three bright lights in the sky. It was Delta - shaped. I called my next door neighbour, but there was no reply”.

Report 25. Mr. P. Beaumont Avenue, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 417 934. 18:45 Hours.

“On the date and time in question I was sitting watching TV when my Wife called me outside and pointed to an object in the sky to the right of the rear of our house coming from approximately the direction of Lutterworth. It was a very large object just above the low cloud with very large bright lights approximately four in a row. It was making no noise at all. We followed the object coming towards us. I fetched my binoculars and by this time the object had passed overhead, still noiseless. Through the binoculars the object had four lights underneath and one red light in the centre, with a thin long light at the front of the object, just in font of the red one I followed it until it had gone into low cloud”.

Report 26. Mrs. M. C, Coronation Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. SP 468 989. 18:45 Hours.

“I was about to draw the curtains and I noticed what I thought to be a very bright star rising over the house opposite. As it appeared to be rising very quickly I called my Husband to come and look. We then went outside. As the light came closer, we saw that there were three bright lights in a horizontal line, they were white.

Report 27. Mrs. E. Hastings High School, Burbage, Leicestershire. SP 437 934. 18:45 Hours.

“I left the school around 6.45 p.m., on Monday, 23rd., October, 1978. I walked towards our house which is in the grounds, my two grandchildren came to meet me. As we walked up the side of the house, in front of us in the sky was a reddish-orange light. We watched it for a few minutes then I called my Husband and Sons out of the house to look at it. We watched it for about five minutes, then I went across to the school to ask the Deputy Headmaster, (who gives lessons in astronomy), I thought that if it was a star he would be able to explain it. He was talking to the headmaster and I asked him if he would come outside and have a look. When we got outside and looked towards where the light had been, it had gone. On looking down the field due south, we could see three bright lights coming towards us. My youngest Son came over to us asked Mr. Goodman what it was. He didn’t know. It then came nearer to us and it looked to me, head on, very much the shape of a Vulcan bomber, or a half circle. As it went right over us, it looked to have a dull, red light underneath it. We thought it was a plane, but as it went over, there was no sound whatsoever, also, there were no navigation lights on it. As we turned around to look at it, but it was completely black at the back and we could see nothing. It was travelling south to north but not on a flight path. After we got back in the house we rang UAPROL at Leicester to report it. After talking about it and saying that it looked from the front very much like a V. Bomber, I rang up Bitteswell where the V. Bomber that comes over is stationed, and asked them if it had been up in the last hour and a half and they said no, if it had, we definitely would have heard it”.

Statement 27 (B) Mrs. E. June, 1981.

“When the object was seen, it was stationary, and was like a star but was an orange - red colour. This first drew my attention to it.

(condensed), “As we walked up the side of the house, in front of us in the sky was a reddish-orange light. I went to fetch the school Headmaster. When we looked towards where the light had been, it had gone. Then, on looking down the field due south, we could see three bright lights coming towards us”.

Report 28. Mr. H. T, (on behalf of witnesses). Outlands Drive, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 418 942. 18:45 Hours.

“On Monday, 23rd., October, 1978, at approximately 7. 07 p.m., my Son Mark, aged 8 years, ran into the house with three friends, to tell me he had just seen a UFO. I must admit to taking little notice at the time, however, I noticed a report of a sighting in the Tuesday edition of the Nuneaton Evening Tribune, and that evening, I questioned Mark further. Whilst I was talking to him, two of his friends, Lee and Paul ‘B’, called for him to play outside. My Wife asked them in, and before they, or Mark, had time to discuss the matter together, we separated them and asked them to draw what they had seen in the sky on the previous evening. That same evening, I asked John ‘M’, to make a drawing to also make a drawing, and this he did, in his own home, and without having seen the other children or their drawings. I appreciate that the said drawings may include some imagination, but what struck me was the similarity, particularly as Mark made two drawings, which co-ordinated with both Lee and Paul’s on the one hand, and John’s on the other”.

Report 29. Mr. R. P. N, Applebee Road, Burbage, Leicestershire. SP 438 954. 18:45 Hours.

“I was sitting at home when I noticed a bright light. First I thought it was a firework, but it got brighter and nearer. I then went outside and as it got nearer I could see that it wasn’t one bright light, but two lights similar to two powerful car headlights. Because of

the intensity of the lights I was unable to make out any clear shape. It wasn’t making any noise at all. After watching it for about a minute or so I then went in home and thought nothing more about it until I read the Hinckley Times on Friday”.

Report 30. Mrs. M. A. P. O. Carlton, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. SK 395 050. 18:45 Hours.

“I saw an object which I first thought was a large aircraft, because it had three lights on and my first thought was that it had landing lights on, then I realised that the centre light would cover the whole of the cockpit. The other two lights were set back, and at this point I had stopped my car and got out.

I realised that the object was stationary, so I stood and watched. There was no sound. Suddenly, it started to move in my direction very slowly, and I stood and waited until it was above me and I felt that there were windows of some sort around it. At this point I felt afraid, so I got back into my car and drove away”.

Report 31. Mr. J. A. J, Lancaster Avenue, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. SK 406 032. 18:45 Hours.

“Whilst travelling towards Newbold Vernon, in my car, I noticed a bright star-like object low in the sky. It soon became apparent that it was moving towards me. As it came overhead, I could see that it was a large, triangular shape, with enormous powerful lights at its three extremities. It appeared to move quite slowly, and there was a pinkish glow underneath the object which lit up and outlined the shape quite definitely”.

Report 32. Mr. B. P. K, South Street, Ellistown, Leicestershire. SK 445 112. 18:45 Hours.

“I saw two bright lights in the sky at about 6.45 p.m. It hovered in the sky then moved slowly changing colours as it went. From white to red, to green, and then sped away”.

Report 33. Mr. P. J. B. Barden, Coalville, K 441 155. Leicestershire. 18:45 Hours.

“On the 23rd., October 1978, at approximately 6.45 p.m., I was looking out of the window with my Daughter, when I noticed what I thought to be an aircraft with landing lights on, approaching. There were three lights which were very bright and in line abreast. My Wife, who was putting our two year-old daughter to bed had also noticed the lights approaching and, as I opened the lounge window, she opened the bedroom window. She asked me what it was and I gave her my opinion that it was an aircraft with landing lights on.

Report 34. Mr. A. E. D, Laud Close, Ibstock, Leics. SK 406 098. 18:45 Hours.

“I was sitting in our car in the drive at home when my Wife came out from the house and pointed to the sky. I looked upwards and saw three bright lights, the centre one slightly larger than the outer ones, all in line abreast and on the same level. As they went over, a small red light was seen under the middle, very dim and distant. The bright ones lost size as they went by, but the red was visible until it disappeared into the distance”.

Report 35. Mr. N. S, Baker Avenue, Ashby. SK 345 158. 18:45 Hours.

“We left J’s house to go to his car, when a bright object was sighted in the sky coming towards Ashby from Measham. Upon watching for a minute, there were three discernable lights which threw forwards a strong beam. Shortly afterwards, after approximately one minute, the main lights went out and left three very small lights which were visible, one green and one white. Then we heard the slight sound of an engine and just got into the car and drove off”.

Report 36. Miss P. J. T, Desford Road, Thurlaston, SP 498 994. Leicester. 18:45 Hours.

“As we were walking our dogs in a field, the object appeared from our left, apparently from Croft over the M69 motorway, travelling from our left to right. It appeared to be at the height a private plane would fly, but was cruising along very slowly, almost hovering, with three main headlights on the front. As the object was directly overhead, no definite shape could really be seen, no lights underneath, and absolutely no noise. As the object travelled over the village, and headed towards Desford, it appeared to vanish”.

Report 37. Mr. B. G, Mallard Avenue, Nuneaton, Warwickshie. SP 332 925. 18:45 Hours.

NOTE: Mr. G. is an amateur meteorologist, and is used to seeing many types of aerial phenomena. His statement is a technical one, and has proved to be very helpful to the investigation.

“Initial sighting at 6.46 p.m., from Haunchwood Road, junction of Westbury Road, at angle 12 degrees south of east declination 15 degrees.

Three bright lights in a triangle form with point light leading with a deduced heading 5-10 degrees east of north. No discernable shape surrounding the lights. Last seen as lights fading at an angle 10 degrees declination at 10 degrees east of north. Estimated height 3-4,000 feet. Weather conditions were fairly clear and still with light cloud. For a short period lights disappeared behind low cloud. (15-20 seconds). Observation made by myself and six scouts. Not thought to be aircraft as no navigation lights showing or seen and were specifically looked for. Also no recognisable sounds were heard”.

Report 38. Mr. S. G. B, John Street, Enderby, Leicestershire. SP 536 991. 18:50 Hours.

“I was taking my bean sticks down in the garden even though it was dark. I saw this bright light coming from the south travelling northwards. I thought it was a plane flying very low because of its bright light, also the light was not winking as they do at night. By the time it had nearly reached over head there was no sound at all, although I still thought it was a plane.. When I looked again, expecting it to be overhead, it had disappeared completely, it was then that I thought it must be something different from a plane. If the light had carried on instead of disappearing, I probably would not have thought anything of it”.

Report 39. Mr. P. L. H, Hinckley Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire. SP 486 945. 18:50 Hours.

Master H;

“I was sitting down looking out of the window and I saw a triangular object flying at great speed. It had three lights (white), and a bit of red. No sound“.

Mister H;

“I saw no central illumination, just three lights in a ‘V‘.

Report 40. Mr. J. S. F, Equity Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire. SP 467 976. 18:50 Hours.

Witnesses first saw the object as a blurred white light, which got nearer and then visually changed into four lights, the centre one of which was red.

Report 41. Mrs. L. J. C, Hinckley Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire. SP 486 944. 18:50 Hours.

Delta-shaped object with three bright lights, size of a Vulcan Bomber, almost stationary but moving slowly. No sound.

Report 42. Master N. C, Peterfield Road, Whitwick, Leicestershire. 18:50 Hours.

“I was playing with my friend outside his house in Peterfield Road, when we saw an object in the sky circling over the area of Meadow Lane. The object was yellow in appearance, with three red lights on top. The lights appeared to be separate from the object as if they were mounted on brackets. The lights were almost as nearby streetlamps. From the side, the object was wider at the top than the bottom, and seemed to have a wide flange around the bottom. I am not sure, but there may have been a red stripe around the body about a third of the way up. We watched the object circling for about a minute, and then it flew off towards the south-east at high speed until it disappeared into the distance. The object made a soft, humming sound”.

Report 43. Mr. G. C, Hogarth Road,Whitwick, Leicestershire. 18:50 Hours.

“I was about to get into my car which was parked outside my house, when I noticed three very bright lights in the sky. I was not sure whether it was a plane or a UFO. But certain things came to my attention which were; that the lights were in a triangular formation, much brighter than anything I have seen in the sky before. I also noticed that there was no sound at all from the object. The object was travelling at roughly the same altitude and speed as an average aircraft which would be landing at Castle Donnington airport, which is approximately 10 - 15 miles away. But this craft was not on the same flight path”.

Report 44. Mr. J. I. J. Stanley Road, Market Bosworth, Warwickshire. SK 408 031. 18:55 Hours.

“I left my house en-route for evening classes in Leicester. Having crossed the A447 Hinckley-Ibstock Road, on the B582, when I observed from the offside front window of my car, an unusual configuration of lights travelling roughly north. By the time I arrived at the junction, the object had passed out of sight over the roof of my car. Having turned right onto the B582, I glanced back over my right shoulder, but saw nothing of the object. During my sighting, I eased off the accelerator in order to detect noise from a probable low flying aircraft which I thought could have been on a flight path to East Midlands airport, but detected nothing. I opened my side window but wind noise could have masked any other noise. This event made me curious, but I am sceptical of UFOs. The configuration observed was six moving white lights in a double vee formation. I considered it to be a Vulcan bomber in size”.

Report 45. Mr. D. M. Leicester Road, Ibstock, Leicestershire. SK 409 103. 18:55 Hours.

“As I went out of home to go to the doctors, I looked up across the brickworks, and saw a very bright group of lights in the sky coming towards me. It was travelling very slowly. It was vee-shaped, with very bright rows of lights on the side, they shone very brightly on the side facing me. I could not hear the engines going or any noise at all. All the lights were pointing forwards”.

Report 46. Mr. A. T, Newall, Bretby Park, Burton-on-Trent. 18:55 Hours.

“While out walking in Bretby Park, I saw an object in the sky coming from the south, which had three bright white lights. At first it seemed to hover, and then it moved off at speed, going north towards Derby, and the white lights appeared to change to red”.

Report 47. Mr. A. P, Springfield Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 428 427. 19:00 Hours.

“I was out walking the dog down Hurst Road at approximately 7.00 p.m., when I noticed a cluster of 3 - 4 lights in the sky in a south, south-west direction. The lights were quite bright in an irregular pattern, and appeared to move in a limited area in various directions. There was no noise associated with it. As I walked along Southfield Road, the lights were hidden behind factory buildings”.

Report 48. Mr. & Mrs. M. B,Watling Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 394 936. 19:00 Hours.

“We were outside our house on the A5, when we noticed a big, faint, star-like object in the distance. My Wife remarked that it appeared to be coming towards us. As it approached, it seemed to be made up of three very bright lights. Then, as it reached us, almost overhead, the middle light was blotted out by the body of the object. The underneath appeared red with black criss-cross lines. As it moved away into the distance, only two lights were visible. Eventually, it faded away into the distance”.

Report 49. Mrs J. S. S. Park Road, Sapcote, Leicestershire. SP 488 936. 19:00 Hours.

“I saw three distinct very round brilliant lights, that seemed to be suspended in the air. I wound the car window down and looked again and the object had completely disappeared. There was no sound”.

Report 50. Mr. R.. A. P, Harborough Road, Oadby, Leicestershire. SK 627 004. 19:00 Hours.

“Living near the Leicester airport, there are always various aircraft around, also aircraft from East Midlands pass over and onto the flight path for Bitteswell. I first noticed an illumination in the sky. I didn’t take too much notice of the exact time. Some time after first noticing this light, I noticed that it had moved very slowly, it certainly wasn’t a fixed wing aircraft. I thought it must have been a helicopter doing some special flight, being on the main A6 road traffic was fairly heavy at this time and no sound of engines could be heard. It may have been a gas balloon for it was very slow, or even Goodyear type balloon. I would say it was flying at 1,500/2,000 feet. Looking out again some fifteen minutes later, It was in the north, north-west, and appeared to be travelling more north west onto a west direction”.

Report 51. Mr. D. M, Worthington Lane, Newbold Coleorton, Near Leicester. 19:00 Hours.

“The three witnesses involved were out on the street when they saw an object in the sky. At first they thought it was a plane but there was no sound, and its shape and lights were very different. The lights had a big beam of light at the front. They stood watching it, then it stopped over their heads. They got scared, and hid behind a car, then the object moved off. The object was Delta-shaped with a light in each corner”.

Report 52. Mr. D. M. P, Leicester Road, Wigston Fields, Leicester. SP 604 997. 19:00 Hours.

“We were walking home after playing football, when we saw something strange in the sky. The four of us looked up and we agreed that the object was not an aeroplane or helicopter. The object at that time was in the west and was moving slowly towards us, after a few minutes, it started to hover above the Wigston area. It hovered for about seven or eight minutes then moved off slowly. Then, about five minutes later, it shot off towards the stars at an unbelievable speed. It looked like two large lights which were white and joined by a glow”.

Report 53. Mrs. W. L. Highfields Street, Coalville, Leicestershire. 19:00 Hours.

“At about 7 p.m., I was in the front bedroom of my house, when I saw through the window, an object which appeared as a mass of bright lights in the sky. I opened the window for a clearer view, and then I observed the object as three bright lights in a triangular formation, the centre light slightly above the other two. On top of the object, I saw a structure with the appearance of a curved arm, which appeared to be lit by one of the lights. Each light had the appearance of a bright electric light bulb. The lights did not flicker, and I estimate the overall size of the object as being similar to an average sized living room. When I first saw the object, it was south-east of my location heading slowly in a westerly direction from Hugglescote to Ravenstone. It appeared to hover for about a minute over Highfields Street, and then moved on towards Ravenstone. I ran downstairs and out into my back garden, but saw nothing more of the object. The object made no sound and I saw no lights of any other colour, other than mentioned. At the time of this sighting, it was dark, the weather was fine, but the sky was covered by cloud, and there was no wind”.

Report 54. Mr. A. G, Miss S. B. Kingsway, Braunstone, Leicestershire. SK 555 016. 19:15 Hours.

“We were on Kingsway North, when we heard a buzzing noise. We looked up into the sky and saw this red object. We watched this object for about ten minutes, and during this time, the object moved in a northerly direction, stopped, and then disappeared”.

Report 55. Mr. F. B, Beverley Avenue,Leicester. SK 598 062. 20:10 Hours.

“On Monday night, at approximately 8.05 p.m., I was walking on the left hand side of Beverly Avenue, going towards Glendon Street. I noticed between two houses in Glendon Street at about rooftop height. I saw three very bright objects like stars, the light of each intermingled with the adjacent one. As I neared Glendon Street, the object was obscured by a tall tree near to one of the houses. On returning, I re-checked as I came back down Beverly Avenue at about 8.15 p.m. By this time, the object had disappeared”.

Report 56 Mr. S., Aldeby Close, Narborough, Leicestershire. SP 552 989. 20:15 Hours.

“I was getting wood for Bonfire Night, and I sat down to rest and looked up through the trees for more wood, and saw six or seven lights together moving slowly across the sky. It was travelling east. When it went over the wood, I went and had a look at it. Then it stopped over a field next to the woods, but it was hovering, we could see the shape of it, but the object itself was dull. The lights were going round and round it, then all of a sudden, it shot off into the sky so fast that we couldn’t see it”.

Report 57. Mr. N. D., Cotswold Avenue, Cosby, Leicester. SP547 951. 20:20 Hours.

“It was a cigar - shaped dark object with a strong orange light at the rear and a weaker light at the front. I heard a humming noise, and watched it through binoculars for about a minute”

Report 58. Mr. & Mrs. W, Dunton Street, Woodgate, Leicester. SK 578 054. 20:45 Hours.

“We were walking our dogs near to the Kenning Fuel Supplies Depot. Looking to our left at the skyline of the city centre, we saw a red light which moved and seemed to hover , disappearing behind tall buildings, and then re-appearing moving from left to right., then downwards out of sight, then reappearing and moving sideways again”.

Report 59. Mr. & Mrs. D, S., The Crescent, Leicester. SP 576 986. 20:45 Hours.

“I went outside to open the drive gates to let my Husband in. He asked me not to go back inside but to look at an object in the sky which was straight ahead of us and not moving, we watched it for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes. I then noticed it slightly moving to the left, and gradually getting smaller and picking up speed, which wasn’t very fast. I then went to fetch a pair of binoculars, my Husband followed me, and we both watched it from the bedroom window, which we opened wide. It was gradually moving to our left and getting smaller all the time. It then disappeared behind some trees and buildings which were on our left. As it got further away, it wasn’t so red”.

Report 60. Miss S. B, Leicester Road, Glen Parva, Leicestershire. SK 548 068. 20:50 Hours.

“I was walking to the driveway of my house towards the main Leicester/Lutterworth road, when I noticed an unusually bright light in the sky. I thought at first that this was a planet, but on looking closer saw that the object appeared to be much larger than any of the planets that can be seen with the naked eye. I watched the object for about five minutes, it did not move at all. It was at an angle of thirty degrees from the horizon, and was an orange/red colour. The object was still visible when I left to fetch some binoculars, but when I returned ten minutes later, it had gone”.

Report 61. Masters O. G, D. I, D. N, Bridge Way,Glen Parva, Leicester. SP 568 987. 21:00 Hours.

“We were on our bikes going towards Whetstone, when we noticed a triangular shape of lights in the sky. We stopped at Whetstone bridge, and observed it for a while. The colours of the lights were green, red and white, which made the shape of a triangle. As it moved over us, it changed into one big red light, and then moved off into the distance”.

Report 62. Mr. F. T, Welford Road, Kibworth. SP 662 979. 23:45 Hours.

“I saw a large, round white light moving very fast. I watched for about four seconds, before it went out like a light being switched off”.


The Avro Vulcan B2

For reference:

Technical Data

Description: Long-range medium bomber witha crew of five. All-metal stressed- skin construction. Maker’s designation, Type 698.

Manufacturers: A. V. Roe & Co. Ltd., Manchester.

Power Plant: Four 17,000-lb. Thrust Bristol Siddeley Olympus 201 or 22,000 lb. Olympus 301.

Dimensions: Span, 111 ft. 0 1n. Length, 99 ft. 11 in. (105ft. 6in. With refuelling probe). Height, 27ft. 1 in. Wing area, 3,964 sq. ft.

Weights: Loaded, 200,000 lb. approx.

Performance: Maximum speed Mach - 0.94 (620

m.p.h.) at 55,000 ft. Service ceiling, 60,000 ft. - approx. Range, 4,600 miles; increased to 5,750 miles with one in-flight refuelling.

Armament: No defensive guns. Conventional (21 x 1,000lb bombs) or nuclear bomb-load carried internally or provision for one Blue Steel ‘stand-off’ bomb.


Data analysis results

October 23rd., 1978


Was one object responsible for all

of the reported incidents?

The duration of this mass sighting was almost four hours. If the same object had caused all of these sightings, then one would expect a fairly even distribution of witnesses across this time span, (allowing for population density fluctuations).

The collated data however, shows that this is not the case and that 58 of the recorded incidents occurred in the time span 18:00 to 19:15 hours. A further examination shows that the predominant sighting time falls between 18:40, and 19:00 hours. This, in itself, may indicate that later reports were not of the same object that caused the earlier, (majority), sightings. The sightings which did occur later in the evening on this date, appear to come from two Leicester groupings. This does not seem to reflect a pattern concerning a single object’s flight path. If these later sighting reports were of one, main sighting stimulus, then that stimulus to provide such variation, must have changed its flight path at some point.

We also have the many different flight directions given by the witnesses with regard to the peak data. Due to this, speculation also arises concerning the possibility that the object may have ‘doubled back’ on its original flight path, or continuously altered its course. The problem being however, that if these changes did actually occur, not much of the sighting evidence provides us with the actual viewing of this procedure whilst the object was in view of the witnesses.

Another thing that does appear strange is, when viewing the timescale involved regarding the peak data, is the wide area from which the witnesses are drawn. The time factor suggests that witnesses separated by distances of up to 14 miles, I.e. Hinckley and Coalville, were seeing almost simultaneously what appears to be the same object.

Analysis suggests that this object, was travelling at a very low altitude. (I.e. Approximately 2,000 to 2,500 feet). This altitude is substantiated by the fact that cloud cover over the Midlands for the night in question, was of the strato-cumulus type, and at a height of approximately 2,500 - 3,000 feet, with the object described in certain cases as entering into it at times. Therefore, because of this fact, and the wide witness distribution, there may be justifiable reason to believe that more than one object was involved in the sightings.

However, if this was the case, then a secondary object would have to have been in reasonable close proximity of the first object in order to satisfy the majority of the data.

There are individual cases in our study data that tend to support this hypothesis, and it would seem that we could quite possibly be looking at a scenario where at least two identical objects were involved. Having viewed global data from later years regarding this type of phenomena, where two craft have been seen quite clearly operating in close proximity of each other, it is now our belief that this may have been the case with the Leicestershire sightings also.

Photographic Attempts

As the object passed over the countryside, a number of attempts were made to capture its characteristics on film. These attempts failed in the main, because the equipment or film used were not of the correct types needed for after dark photography. The cases where photographs were actually exposed were case numbers 4, 10, and 28. All of these exposed frames were processed by LUFORS, and examination has shown that no detail was recorded on them. All three of the above mentioned cases contain witnesses who attempted to photograph the object using 100ASA film, and small automatic cameras such as the Kodak Instamatic. None of the witnesses used fast film or cameras with variable aperture, exposure, or shutter speed settings.

A successful attempt however, was made by the primary witness in case 31, (Mr. E.) to actually film the object. Mr. E. had just loaded his Super 8 cine’ camera with film the previous day, and, on seeing the object slowly approaching his vantage point, he immediately fetched this. At first, the intention was not necessarily to expose any film, but simply to use the camera’s zoom facility to observe the object as an enlarged image. The witness’s mind changed however, and he began filming, assuming at the same time though, that due to the loaded film being of a daylight type, that his attempt would perhaps be unsuccessful.

m fi

Mr. E’s own feelings and actions during this period are here reproduced;

Statement, by Mr. Terence E. Dated June 21st., 1981;

“When first seen, the object was very much like a bright star, and then after a minute or so, the object started to grow larger. As it came closer, when the object was approximately Ύ miles away, I used the 24mm. Zoom lens on my super 8 movie camera to enlarge the image. I then decided to film the object for what turned out to be approximately thirty seconds, at the full 24mm., (the camera was loaded with daylight film, (Kodak), and still had the daylight orange filter in place, which I had used the previous day, and forgotten that it was still in place, otherwise, I would have removed it. Looking at the object through the camera lens, I could just make out what looked like the leading edges of an aircraft’s wings, but they seemed much too thick. As the aircraft passed overhead, there was no sound at all, the object was very low, and would have been very easy to hear any engines. Also, when overhead, there was no sign of any navigation lights or cabin lighting”.

Mr. E’s camera was aö Bell & Howell type 674x1, with an F1.3 - 8.5mm. Zoom lens fitted. The film used, was new colour Kodak Daylight. At the time of filming, the camera’s focal length was set to infinity, and was used in a hand-held manner.

The approximate footage shot was three feet, this represents thirty seconds of film. The film shows the object in three distinct phases, although these phases may have been partially caused through visibility defiance’s, rather them being actual differences.

The object appears as an indistinct circular mass of yellow/white light. This lasts for approximately eight seconds, and gives the impression of the object’s progression towards the cameraman.

After this initial eight second period, the mass of light appears to separate, (presumably due to diminishing distances), into three white/yellow lights, the centre one of which appearing slightly advanced, or raised from the other, outer two.

The second phase lasts fifteen seconds before the centre light appears to go out. This appearance of going out, happens quite suddenly, with no apparent dimming beforehand, and leaves just two white/yellow lights visible, with the object itself silhouetted against the darkening skies. (Phase 3).


Phase 3;

Is there any possibility at all that the reported object was a military or civilian aircraft?

That the case cause may have been due to civil aircraft seems unlikely, as the only air traffic that crosses certain villages mentioned in the data are; inter-airport flights from either Birmingham or Coventry to the East Midlands airport, aircraft making their approach run into that airport, or, light aircraft from the various Leicestershire air clubs. In order to try and prove any of these eventualities, the following checks were made;

East Midlands Airport .

An airport spokesman, when asked to comment on the October 23rd., 1978 sightings said that he knew of no authorised aircraft travelling approximately south to north at approximately 18:45 hours on the date in question. The only aircraft to land there had arrived at 18:15 hours, and that was an air-liner. When asked if anything unusual had been recorded on East Midlands airport radar systems for the date and time in question, he stated that nothing unusual had been recorded, and that the airport had received no unidentified air traffic or UFO reports whatsoever.

In view of the reported shape of the object, and because some of the witnesses described it as such, efforts were made to find out whether an RAF Vulcan bomber was in the area at the time of the sightings. An article appeared in the Burton Daily Mail which suggested that it was, and claimed that one of their reporters had spoken to an RAF spokesman at a Midlands Vulcan base who had confirmed this. However, when efforts were made to find the reporter, no-one seemed to remember who had written the article. The reason for our trying to locate the reporter was that we had spoken to Adjutants of RAF stations Waddington, Wittering and Cottesmore, and British Aerospace Bitteswell, (where a test Vulcan is based), in order to ascertain just this fact.

All of the stations mentioned claimed not to have had Vulcan’s up on the night in question.

If the object had have been a Vulcan, and the RAF did not want to disclose this to us, why tell the press? In order to verify whether or not a Military aircraft was in proximity to the sighting area on the date in question, we spoke to East Midlands Airport about the air lane priorities situation. We met the Senior Air Traffic Controller for EMA, and asked him about the events of 23rd. October 1978. He remembered the night as he was on duty, and was later amazed by the press coverage of what was for him, a quiet night. Our conversation with ATC brought forth a wealth of information.

The first items of interest are that East Midlands Airport does not contact all radar identified targets, as these will include traffic not bound for this particular airport. Instead, EMA only contacts by radio air traffic entering their control zone. Once this is done, the target is identified by its flight number. Tape recordings are made of the R.T. transmissions, but no video recordings are made of the radar traces. Civil air staff do not sign the Official Secrets Act, but do have a UFO report procedure, although senior controller, Mr. C has never seen this used during his 12 year’s service with the airport.

Commenting further on the October 23rd. Sightings, Mr, C said that the reported object(s)? behaved as though it was heading for EMA, yet they had no unusual traffic for that night.

If not the Vulcan - then what?

Discounting the Vulcan because of its apparent absence, and lack of a favourable comparison with the witnessed object, there does not appear to be many other aircraft officially flying at that time of a delta shape which could fall into the sighting description.

The smaller delta winged strike aircraft would have proven to be far harder to see at night, and the apparent slow object speed would have proven impractical, if not impossible. Also, aircraft such as the Harrier or Phantom, do not fit the reported object size estimates. It is believed that this object was not a military aircraft, and though of course this cannot be proven, a conventional military aircraft should not have been over the sighting area for the date mentioned. Therefore, whilst the cause is not likely to have been a military aircraft, it cannot definitely be ruled out.

Was the sighting caused by lighter than air craft?

This possibility caused a certain amount of consternation among the investigators, because whoever we asked , we received the same answer, almost every local balloon club that we spoke to said that they wouldn’t fly at night and definitely over the Coalville area, where there were so many over head power lines, and so much light aircraft traffic to and from the East Midlands airport. However, checks were still pressed forward in an attempt to determine the whereabouts at the time of the sighting of the Goodyear airship‘‘Europa”hip but these were eventually dropped when it was ascertained that ‘Europa’ was in France during October 1978, and was unlikely to travel at night because of navigational difficulties. This virtually ruled out lighter than air craft, and, as hang gliders and micro light aircraft were not around in abundance, it is felt that this area of enquiry has been ruled out.

Could a low piece of space debris entering the atmosphere have caused the sightings?

This option may have proven to be a reasonable area to speculate on as regards a sighting cause, especially if, a piece of large, distant debris had entered giving the impression of a slow, low trajectory. However, this was soon ruled out after consultation of LUFORS satellite tables, these were kindly supplied by the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough. They show that there were two re-entries on the night of October 23rd., 1978, although both of these were too far south to be seen from the United Kingdom.

Was the sighting caused by military aircraft?

When asked if the object could have been a military aircraft, Mr. C replied that prior permission must be obtained by the Royal Air Force before a civil flight area is used by them, and he then assured us that no such permission was requested for the night in question.

Asked to comment on the object’s apparent altitude and speed, as estimated from the witness statements, Mr. C said that at an altitude of 2,500 - 3,500 feet, any large aircraft should have been audible, and that a Vulcan would have been heard indoors by someone watching the television at normal sound levels. He also added that even throttled right down, a Vulcan Bomber should still have been heard. Mr. C ended the conversation by saying that he would be interested in the outcome of our case, and that he had absolutely no idea what kind of aircraft could have behaved in the manner as described by witnesses of the event.

Lastly, before leaving the A.T.C. offices, we mentioned the anonymous claims concerning the inbound Maltese Flight.

Regarding this particular sighting, Mr. C said that he would attempt to find out some information regarding this flight if possible, in particular the flight number, the pilot’s name the charter company etc. and get back in touch with our organisation as soon as was possible.

True to his word, shortly afterwards, Mr. C contacted our H.Q. to informed us that he had indeed identified the discussed flight, which turned out to be flight number 706, run by Air Malta, which arrived at East Midlands Airport at 19:26 Hours.

The pilots name remains unknown, and it is felt that any further attempt to acquire information on this flight is unlikely to succeed due to the age of the case.

Where did the craft go?

If the object was a military aircraft and, although it headed towards East Midlands Airport, but did not fly over it, where then, did it go?

On June 20th., 1982, Central Television screened a programme entitled; “617 - Last Days of The Vulcan Squadron”.

The programme centred around 617 Squadron, (of Dam - busters fame), based at Scampton. It covered the last few days of operational duties before the squadron was disbanded, and its crews sent for training on the Tornado aircraft which would eventually reconstitute the squadron.

During the programme, a crew was shown planning the last Vulcan flight from Scampton. Part of the conversation involved the squadron’s Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Charles Bakewell, who made the following comments;

“We cannot fly above cities and towns, and must try to avoid civil air traffic zones. It is very difficult to plot a course that will allow us to fly in a straight line for more than ten miles”.

Could this statement provide an indication of where a speculative military aircraft went to? If such an aircraft flew south, south east, to north, north west, keeping to this course until above Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and then veered slightly more to the west, theoretically, it could then avoid the EMA control zone, pass over the northern outskirts of Burton-upon-Trent, and then head out over open countryside towards Ashbourne. The only problem with this theory of course, is the virtual lack of substantial number of reports from the Burton-on-Trent/Ashbourne areas. If this theory had any credence at all, then presumably, under the already known circumstances surrounding the case, those reports would surely have been evident.


Another interesting factor to emerge from the programme, was the information regarding navigational lighting positions on the Vulcan aircraft itself. These were spaced and coloured. As is noticeable, these patterns appear different to those described by witnesses.

Could the sighting have been caused by an experimental test aircraft?

The actual cause of this report, after a thorough examination of our gathered evidence, remains undetermined, and may quite probably never be known for certain. A much sought after satisfactory explanation in natural terms, unfortunately does not lend itself easily.

The characteristics described by witnesses appear to suggest that the object(s) seen was/were not normal, conventional aircraft, and yet there has been no known communication made between Military and civil air authorities to suggest that it/they was/were a special craft, for example, a test vehicle of some kind.

There could have been an urgent need to transport/test/use one or more of these old aircraft, or indeed a new prototype, from one to another RAF/USAF base, with the whole operation being necessarily kept above top secret, hence the discussed lack of communication with East Midlands Air Traffic Control.

It is known, that the Royal Air Force also experiment with forms of aircraft that never reach production status. However, would the RAF for example, consciously fly test aircraft over the Leicestershire/Warwickshire border, safe in the knowledge that no-one would be harmed should anything go wrong? - surely this just would not be allowed to happen! The random scattering of villages around the sighting areas is fairly dense, as was later discovered when in July 1981, a Hawker Siddeley mail plane of the Dan-Air line crashed, narrowly missing the village of Nailstone.

This near disaster was only averted by the sacrifice of the crew staying with their aircraft. (A large cargo door was later blamed for the crash).

Could it be then, if we are allowed to speculate on this occasion, that for total security reasons, the public were being deliberately misinformed at that time regarding just how advanced the manufacture of experimental spy aircraft had become by the late 1970‘s, and what so many people saw over Leicestershire, due to this factor, was a totally unknown, classified, top secret aircraft, perhaps an early Dark Star Prototype, but a slightly larger version than the Tier III, complete with extra-brilliant llights, providing anti-collision safety, secretly launched from one of Great Britain’s Royal Air Force or United States Air Force bases of that period, for example, nearby RAF Alconbury in Cambridgeshire, with less likely hood of detection by foreign spy satellite systems if operated within a common air-lane near a large airport in the central British Isles, mixing its radar image (if any!) with that of conventional air liners etc?

If this was the case however, someone would surely have appropriately informed the authorities at East Midlands Airport of such a move. Also, if the sighting was caused by the transport of an unusual aircraft, how could so many witnesses be taken in by it?

The total silence of the October 23rd., 1978 object however, as described by the vast majority of the witnesses, is more difficult to explain. Any of the aforementioned aircraft would have been producing engine noise during any conducted tests in this Country.

Silent Vulcan - Final conclusions

The inescapable point out of all this saga however, is that although three years had passed since the event took place, the witnesses involved remember their sightings with a frightening clarity, and 55%, after being re-interviewed, stuck to their original statements, giving virtually identical information to add to their individual files. Surely if there were any doubts, sub-conscious or otherwise, concerning the credibility of their original statements, this clarity would not exist. Also, the attained movie footage of the object is excellent testimony that witnesses only told investigators the facts as they were known. There is no evidence whatsoever of over exaggeration regarding this unusual aerial event.

Also, from the gathered evidence, there appears to be an element of strangeness concerning the object’s performance, speed, altitude, lighting patterns and the described lack of engine sound etc.

Perhaps the answer lies in the minds of the witnesses. Certainly, 1978 was a very active period for UFO reports, and one would have great problems in trying to define just exactly how many of those reports were media inspired. The film“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”,which was on general release at the time, could perhaps have some significance here. An artificial effect could have been produced which induced a kind of ‘UFO/Spaceship’ syndrome, an effect that may have clouded the sub-conscious minds of the public causing them to easily misinterpret unusual natural events, such as ‘war games’ conducted during this period by the Military, using advanced experimental aircraft. The ‘Stealth’ aspect of such aircraft could also explain why the object(s) did not appear on East Midlands airport radar systems.

Therefore, we have no more checks to make, and conclude our report by agreeing with the majority of the witnesses by stating that the October 23rd., 1978 aerial object was indeed something out of the ordinary, and that it (or indeed they), cannot definitely be identified without, we believe, perhaps greater access to Military flight records etc.

BELOW: October 23rd.,1978-UFODNA DATA.

23 October 1978 - Verona, New York, USA - Nocturnal lights were reported.

23 October 1978 20:40 - Kansu Province, China - Chinese Air Force Pilots incident.

23 October 1978 Night - Pescara, Italy - Photos (2). Object shaped like "priest's hat", very brilliant centre with crab-coloured edges.


Appendix A.

Reported Leicestershire Aerial Phenomena during 1978 containing similar descriptive characteristics to the October 23rd. Object.

CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-78-09-30.

JANUARY 24th., 1978.


A Report By

P.Berry, B.Delair & G. Hall.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978 -

16:15 Onwards


On Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, just 10 months before the October 23rd., ‘Silent Vulcan’ incident between 4.15 p.m. in the afternoon and 10 p.m. at night, more than forty people from all over the south-west area of Leicestershire, said that they had witnessed strange lighted UFOs moving slowly over the area. They described dark, triangular objects with steady blue, orange and red lights, that hovered, circled and rocked from side to side, and all in complete silence. The object’s lights were described further as extremely bright and ’glowing’.

In particular, three female witnesses saw something strange in the sky as they driving through the village of Elmsthorpe, near Burbage Common at 8 p.m. on that particular evening.

The three witnesses, who had travelled along Leicester Road from Hinckley and then turned into Elmsthorpe Lane, say that they saw two lighted objects which suddenly appeared and began to follow their car on both sides and at low altitude. When the driver of the vehicle stopped the car, one of the objects swooped out of the sky and hovered above as if watching them. “It was a very frightening experience and one we will never forget. We stopped the car to get a better view, but to our amazement, the object stopped too. The object moved off when we did. It was bright red and glowing around its perimeter, we were terrified” said one of the witnesses.

This particular series of observations took place on the evening of January 24th., 1978, with all the reports apparently relating to the sighting of one, or perhaps two, objects circling over a small geographical area of the east Midlands.

All the reports were initially received by telephone , within 24-hours of the occurrence of the sightings. Full written reports were obtained from telephoning percipients as rapidly as possible thereafter.

As there was no media publicity concerning UFOs at the time, all the reports were treated as genuine statements of real observations.

Certain eyewitnesses requested anonymity. This has been preserved here, un-named percipients being designated simple capital letters, viz: ‘A’, ‘B’ etc.

By projecting all the sightings and times onto a map of the area the approximate locations of the object/s was determined. These locations were found to be the John Cleveland College, Hinckley, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, (in particular - Brookside), Burbage Common, Burbage Woods, A47 Leicester Road, Elmesthorpe, Barwell, and Earl Shilton. (Line B1 Projected), also part of the M69 Motorway, Parts of Enderby, and Braunstone. South Leicester.


Estimation of height/s could not be made due to lack of critical detail, but witnesses maintained that the object/s moved at a height lower than that of aircraft in normal flight. This is admittedly a loose statement, but it nevertheless conveys a general eyewitness impression very well, and indicates a consistency in eyewitness estimates of approximate height.

Descriptive variation

Descriptive variations are doubtless due to the angle and distance of each observer relative to the object/s sighted. The descriptions given are similar to the two earlier January sightings previously mentioned.

It is worth noting here that residents of the main sighting area are well used to aircraft and helicopter flights as it is directly under the main flight-path AMBER ONE, and in the proximity of Sapcote Beacon to Lichfield Beacon.

A survey of the area in question produced no evidence of static red lights (described in some of the cases) which could have been accidentally mistaken for the object/s.

Finally, it should be stressed that all witnesses felt certain that the object/s represented something ‘unusual’. This consistency of impression is regarded as being of some significance.


Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. 16:15 Hours. Rowanberry Avenue, Leicester. SK 545 047.

An unusual aerial phenomena was observed above Leicester on the above date by a Mr. Kenneth C., 56 years. His statement is as follows:

Statement by Mr. C.

“At approximately 16:15 hours on Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, I rose from my armchair in my living room to see what the weather was like. I observed an object in the sky travelling at great speed in roughly a north-west, to south-east direction.

Whilst travelling along, the object changed shape from elliptical to almost round. It was bright silver in colour, this was not caused by reflected sunlight as the weather was overcast at the time, and the sky was a dull grey in colour. My window is six feet wide, and the object took approximately 8-10 seconds to travel from edge to edge. The object left an unusually shaped vapour trail, almost spiral in shape, and wider than that usually associated with aircraft. I called to my son who was in the kitchen at the time, but by the time he arrived in the living room the object had disappeared, but he clearly observed the unusual vapour trail”.

Map: Rowanberry Ave

Tuesday, 24th., January 1978, 18:35 Hours, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage. SP 433 933.

A flare-like object was seen over the Sketchley Hill Estate on the above date by a Mr. and Mrs. P. Mr. Packer’s statement is as follows:

Statement by Mr. A. P.

On the evening of Tuesday, 24th., January, 1978, My Wife and I were driving along the road when she pointed to something in the sky. We were in Higham Way, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, it was around 6.35 p.m. This particular part of the estate is high up and it was a clear evening. My Wife’s attention was attracted to what looked like a flare, and was in the direction of Birmingham, making it roughly south-west. This flare, or UFO, was falling in an arc, but instead of burning out like a flare or shooting star would do, it remained the same size and brightness. The (white) object then stopped still in the sky for a few seconds, then it moved slowly away at right angles and disappeared. There wasn’t a sound from the object all the time we had it in view. I remember stopping the car engine to specifically listen for aircraft engine noise but heard nothing”.

Map: Higham Way

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 18:45 Hours. Ruddington Walk, Abbey Rise, Leicester. SK 585 077.

Witness Mr. Robert H. and his wife also witnessed an unusual object in the sky on January 24th., 1978 whilst looking through their window. The couple, who lived at the time in Ruddington Walk, Leicester, said that the object first appeared as a bright orange ball of light that gradually moved towards their vantage point.

As it came closer, the witnesses saw a group of non-flashing bright lights in the shape of a triangle, coloured red and blue/green.

After approximately 5 minutes, the lights moved silently away very low over the rooftops heading towards Enderby.

ABOVE: Original drawing of the Ruddington Walk UFO as drawn by Mr. H.

Map: Ruddington Walk

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. Braunstone Close, Leicester. SK 563 023.

A triangular object was observed at Braunstone, Leicester, at 7.10 p.m., by 19 years- old Miss Joan B.

Her statement is as follows:

Statement by Miss B.

“I was walking out from the avenue and I sighted it between the garage and pub. I observed it for about 5 minutes and it appeared stationary. It then appeared to move along Narborough Road south, and I followed it until I reached the bus stop. It was still moving when I stopped there, and then it doubled back on itself, and, as it passed overhead, I saw that it was definitely solid. I pursued it up Braunstone Close, but then I had to go back to catch my bus. I kept watching it until I caught my bus. I lost sight of it once I was on the bus”

ABOVE: Miss B’s original drawing of the Braunstone UFO.

Map:Braunstone Close.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. 19:10 Hours. Nedham Street, Leicester. SK 598 049.

A triangular formation of coloured lights was seen by 46 year-old Mrs. Norma E. on this date. The lights were described as static, very bright and coloured red white and yellow. Mrs. E’s statement regarding her sighting is as follows:

Statement by Mrs. E.

“I was walking up Nedham Street, approaching Melbourne Road, on the evening of January 24th., 1978, at 7.10 p.m. As I looked at the sky I noticed 3 lights which were still. They were not flashing as on plane lights, they were steady. I kept looking and I came to walk under two railway bridges. When I came through the other side of the bridges, the lights were exactly in the same position as when I first them. What attracted my attention to this object was: First; the lights were steady. 2; they had not moved from when I had first seen them. They remained there for at least 55 minutes, then I left. 3; There was no sound. What I saw was not railway signals, the lights were far too high”.

Map: Nedham Street.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. (A & B). John Cleveland College, Leicester Road. SP 445 948.

An object witnessed by Steven ‘L’ (14 years), and Andrew ‘S’ (14 years) at 7.30 p.m. on January 24th. , in Forest Road, Hinckley. The observers were facing N.E. looking towards Burbage Common, which, at that spot, was some three quarter miles distant. Both these witnesses were interviewed on February 6th., 1978.

Statement by Steven ‘L’:

‘We were skateboarding when Andy noticed it. He went to fetch his binoculars and it came to within 200 yards at about 60 degrees. When Andy came back out (with his binoculars) : (italics mine - P. Berry), it had gone behind some trees so we went to the fence. It then went towards Leicester and hovered for a couple of minutes.

It moved off again and when it was level with the John Cleveland College it appeared to bounce back towards Leicester showing a blue/green light instead of orange. It then moved back retracing its tracks showing an orange light .

It Then moved over the J.C.C. and went towards Stoke Golding and disappeared over the horizon travelling in a north-westerly direction’.

Statement by Andrew ‘S’:

‘We had just come back from the chip shop and we walked up the road and saw something in the sky. So I went and got the binoculars and came back out. We looked over the college playing field at the object. It was rocking and changing colour. It went from side to side then went over the horizon and towards Leicester Road”.

Map: Forest Road.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. A47 Leicester Road. SP 478 954. 19:30 Hours.

What seems to have been the same object as described above, was seen by 33 year-old John ‘B‘, of Spa Drive, Sapcote, at 7.30 p.m. on the same date. Mr. B. claims that he watched the light for approximately 30 minutes as he drove along towards Barwell, and stated that its brightness was comparable to the planet Venus. His statement is as follows:

Statement by Mr. ‘B‘.

‘As I was travelling from Sapcote to Barwell I noticed a bright orange light in the clear sky. It seemed to hover over Barwell then go towards Leicester, then come back. It turned sideways to show a blue light as well as the orange one, then back to orange only. I could see it until I went indoors at Barwell’.

Presumably the ‘blue’ light of Mr. B’s sighting was the same as the ‘blue-green’ light of the L/S observation.


Huncote, Leicestershire. Tuesday, Jan 24th., 1978, 19:30 Hours. SP 519 976.

At 7.30 p.m. on this date, a 51 year-old head teacher - Miss ‘A’ - of Huncote, saw, on looking out of her kitchen window towards Hinckley in the south-west, the following aerial phenomenon:

Statement (obtained on February 2nd., 1978) by Miss ‘A’

‘ While washing up in my kitchen in the dark I noticed the sky was clear, the lights of the motorway (M69) were clearly visible, also lights of Barwell and Shilton. I saw a bright red light over the M69; it was, at first appearance, an aircraft. However, it did not appear to be travelling either nearer or further away, but was stationary or nearly so. As I watched, it seemed to be over the M69, and either circling or travelling for a few hundred yards north to south. As I thought it was behaving oddly, I went upstairs and observed it from the landing window. I then telephoned friends in Forest Road and asked them if they could see the red light over the motorway. They telephoned back and said they thought it was a helicopter. Meanwhile I took my binoculars and went outside. Through the binoculars which are not very powerful, I observed a hazy black shape and, as the craft turned, it showed a steady yellow light and a blue-green one. Its behaviour struck me as odd. Also the fact that I could not hear any aircraft noise, only the motorway traffic rumble. It did not appear to be very high, and the lights did not flash but remained steady’.

ABOVE: Miss A’s original drawing of the M69 UFO.

Huncote, Leicestershire, Tuesday, January 24th., 1978, 1930 Hours. SP 519 976.

The person contacted telephonically by Miss ‘A’ was Mr. ‘B’, a 53 year-old resident of Forest Road, Huncote. His observations of the object sighted are as follows:

Statement by Mr. ‘B’.

‘Following a phone call from Miss ‘A’, I went into the back garden (facing S.W.), and observed what appeared to be an aircraft flying slowly and making a wide anti-clockwise circle apparently over the M69 motorway (or the nearby electricity grid power line), to the right of Croft Hill and to the left of Thurlaston village. At all times there appeared to be a bright red light visible with a white light and, as the object turned, a green-blue light. I was convinced at first that it was a light aircraft and that the pilot was perhaps circling over the M69 to fix his position before moving on, but on reflection I was puzzled because the red light was always visible, and this would be unlikely if it was a normal port wing navigation light’.

Clearly the ‘blue-green’ light reported by both Miss ‘A’ and Mr. ‘B’ corresponded to the similar light

seen by Messrs L and S and the ‘blue’ light of Mr. B. Presumably the ‘yellow’ light of Mr. ‘A’s account was the orange light described by B, L. and S.

Map: Forest Road

Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate. 24th., 1978, 1930 Hours. SP 519 January 24th., 1978. 19:55 Hours.

20 years-old Miss Jane ‘M‘, a clerk living in Brookside, Sketchley Hill Estate, Burbage, sighted the following aerial phenomenon at 7.55 p.m. on January 24th., 1978. Interviewed on the following evening, her account is as follows:

Statement by Miss ‘M‘.

‘I was standing at the bus-stop along Brookside, which is situated at the bottom of Featherstone Drive, at approximately 7.55 p.m., when I saw a fairly large red light moving across the sky. It was travelling at a rather fast speed. It moved across the sky and disappeared behind some houses. A few seconds later it moved back along the same path. Again it returned, making several trips back and forth across the Brookside road before moving off towards Burbage Common. It was all red and seemed to be very low in the sky’.

Map: Brookside

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. A47 Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire.SP 454 963.- SP 466 968. 19:55 Hours.
Three occupants of a car travelling along Leicester Road, Hinckley, at approximately 7.55 p.m. on the aforementioned date, were 43 years-old Mrs Eveline P, 46 years-old Mrs. Nancy S. , and 31 years old Mrs. ‘C’. They were interviewed on January 27th., and submitted the following accounts of their observations of an unusual aerial object noted at that time.

Statement by Miss P.

‘Travelling in a car down Netherly Road with my two Friends, I saw a bright white light going at a very fast speed, I thought it might be a shooting star, it disappeared behind the trees. As we approached Leicester Road I saw a bright red glowing light which appeared to be hovering at first, I took it to be a pylon light. As we approached, the white light disappeared and the red light followed us around the corner onto Elmsthorpe Lane. It kept on the left hand side of the car , in fact, it seemed to be travelling at the same speed as the car. We all began to feel very frightened, but stopped the car so that the driver could get a better view. To our amazement, the object stopped too. We were so frightened, we drove away immediately. The object disappeared behind a house. The red object seemed to be observing us’.

Statement by Mrs. S.

‘I was driving my car with two friends as passengers. My first surprise was a bright light in the sky. A star perhaps, but it didn’t stay put as a star does but was moving very fast. Later, I saw a red light in the sky. We all thought that it must be a light on a pylon in the distance, but when it moved seemed to be that it must be a plane. However, it didn’t travel and disappear but followed us around as I drove. The object hovered and was low in the sky. By this time I stopped the car. We were quite scared by this time. The object stopped when the car stopped’.

Statement by Miss ‘C’.

‘I was travelling with two other people in the car. The passenger in the front seat asked if it was a plane she could see in the sky with its tail lights flashing. At first we thought it was, but remarked on the round-about course it was taking, the speed it was travelling, and the way it was going up and down. We concluded that it couldn’t be a plane. The driver of the car then asked what the red light on the left hand side was (the other light had been on the right). At first I said it was a pylon, but then realised it was much too high. As I turned back to look at the other light so it stopped, and the red light started to move. We had treated the first light as something of a joke, but when the red light appeared to be moving in the same direction we began to wonder. The red light was also travelling at great speed, and appeared to drop down and hover round in a circle, rise and move on to once again appear opposite the car. On one occasion it appeared to be so close that I’m sure I could distinguish its shape. It appeared to be similar to pictures of ‘flying saucers’ that I had seen, and this made it all the more strange. It was glowing all around its perimeter. The driver had now decided that she was stopping the car to take a look, and, as the car stopped, so did the object. On proceeding, the light did not follow’.

Map: Elmesthorpe Lane.

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. Earl Shilton. 20:00 Hours. SP 443 971.

Two observations of one or more unusual aerial lights were made by Mrs. ‘D’, a secretary resident at Waterfall Way, Hinckley Road, Barwell, on the evening of January 24. Details of her sightings follow: :-

Statement by Mrs. ‘D’

‘I was travelling home when I noticed two bright lights in the sky. My first thought was that it was a plane, but my attention was particularly attracted by the lights. As far as I can remember at this time, there was a red light at the front, and a blue-green light at the rear. The object was travelling from the north-west, in a south-easterly direction. As I pulled onto the drives of my house, I again noticed bright red lights in the sky. I put the car away, ran upstairs, and began to watch the object through my bedroom window. Looking east, the object was directly in front of me. It circled twice in the sky over the Earl Shilton area, and then went off in the direction from which it had come. North-west. Whilst the object was circling, I watched it through binoculars, but I could not make out its shape. However, what was particularly noticeable was the two bright red lights on the front of the object. The object disappeared from my view at approximately 8.07 p.m.’

Map: Waterfall Way

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. Barwell. 20:05 Hours

37 years old sales representative Mr. John K, who lives in Earl Shilton, witnessed a very singular aerial apparition at 8.05 p.m. on January 24th., while driving between his home and Barwell.

His account is as follows:

Statement by Mr. K.

‘At 8.05 p.m. on the evening of January 24th., 1978, I was driving from Barwell to Earl Shilton when I saw in the sky ahead what appeared to be a mass of red lights forming a circle. The lights were in a northerly direction and stationary at an angle of approximately three minutes as I drove along, and then, as I turned right into Heath Lane, Barwell, I saw the lights begin to move slowly to the west. I then stopped the car and watched until the lights ultimately disappeared from view over house rooftops. The total duration of the sighting was five minutes, during which time I heard no sound whatsoever being emitted by the lights’.

Map: Barwell

Tuesday, January 24th., 1978. 22:20 Hours Severn Trent Water Authority, Anstey Lane, Leicester. SK 562 071. Geo. B2 - C.

The following aerial phenomena was witnessed by late night shift worker, Ernest ‘J,’ as he was about to start work at the Leicester Severn Trent Works in Anstey Lane.

Statement by Mr. ‘J’.

“On the night of January 24th., 1978, I had just started my nightshift at the Severn Trent Water Department, Gorse Hill, Anstey Lane, Leicester. About 22:20, I was just finishing my security patrol when I heard a sound like a dynamo in the sky. On looking up, the sky was cloudy at the time, I saw a green glow. About a minute later there was a ring of different coloured lights, red, blue, green, yellow and these lights glowed. I could not make out the shape of this thing, but the green glow was still above what ever it was. After about 1 or 2 minutes, the lights faded in the clouds above, but the dynamo sound was still there for a minute or two afterwards, then it faded away fast. It could not have been a plane as there would not have that many coloured lights, and the green glow”.

Map: Anstey Lane.


Stringent checks afterwards failed to identify the objects, with the rest of the United Kingdom and many other parts of the Globe, also being ‘buzzed’ by similar ‘unusual’ aerial craft during the month of January, 1978.

BELOW: January 24th.,1978-UFODNA DATA.

24 January 1978 16:15 - Leicester, UK - Near Leicester and Hinckley at least 17 people saw delta-shaped object. Flew low overhead, made no noise. Steady red, blue, yellow lights headed south from Leicester, seen by 12 more in Hinckley.

24 January 1978 Evening - Pender, Nebraska, USA - Abduction.




Ratby, Leicestershire. Monday, March 27th., 1978. 21:00 Hours. SK 518 054.

A Student nurse was travelling by motor cycle to Ratby from Kirby Muxloe along a country lane near to the T.I. Desford Tubes Works at about 9.00. p.m., on this date when she saw a strange object hovering over some fields over to her left. The witness estimated that the object was approximately 200 feet in the air, and about two fields away from her vantage point.

The witness, 19 year-old nurse, Miss Lynn B, described what she first saw as a long red object, with white hot flames coming from the rear end. She watched it hovering for about four minutes during which time it made a loud droning noise.

As Miss B. rode on towards Ratby, she said that the object tilted and she saw that it was , large, triangular in shape, with red, blue, and orange lights on each apex. It finally moved off passing over her position, and revealed more detail. The witness states that the object had a raised section running central from front to back, and what looked like a higher circular section on top.

The craft finally moved off very fast in the direction of Hinckley still making a droning noise. A short while afterward the sighting was reported to LUFORS, the sighting also appearing in the local newspapers.

Shortly after this the witness stated that she was visited by two men in dark suits who claimed to be from the Ministry of Defence. They took a statement from Miss Brown and asked her to draw what she’d seen. This she did, and the men went away.

Map: Ratby

BELOW: March 27h.,1978-UFODNA DATA.

27 March 1978 18:20 - New Orleans Hwy610, Louisiana, USA - Unidentified objects were sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. Explanation: Balloon.

27 March 1978 19:35 - Mount Pleasant, Western Australia, Australia - Bell-shaped disc with colored lights flies to the north slowly.

27 March 1978 20:00 - High Croft, Tasmania, Australia - An unusual object was sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. One object, larger than a star, was observed in cloudy weather by eight male witnesses, typical age 17, on the ocean for seven minutes (Harwood).

27 March 1978 20:20 - Gajemala, Sweden - An unidentified object was sighted, that had an unusual appearance or performance. One object was observed by one male 16-year-old witness (Olofsson).

27 March 1978 21:00 - Ratby, UK - Girl on motorcycle sees long red triangle hovering 200 feet altitude. Makes loud droning noise.

27 March 1978 22:00 - Villamare Di Sapri, Italy - Power failure, comes back on. Luminous hemisphere over railroad, had "eye" on bottom.


CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-78-115.


October 1st., 1978. 22:00 Hours. Hinckley, Leicestershire.

A number of Hinckley, Barwell, Burbage and Nuneaton sightings of a lighted object were reported to LUFORS Hinckley, regarding the above date. They apparently refer to a silent, single, brightly lit aerial craft, flying at around 1,500 feet, on a straight trajectory. Some of the more interesting reports are outlined below. No explanation was ever found for the sightings, which seemed to contain certain similarities to the more wider events of October 23rd.

Case 1.

Mrs. Julie L, Clarendon Road,
Hinckley. 21:55 Hours.

Statement by Mrs. L.

“My Husband and I arrived home after visiting my parents. We parked the car outside the house. As we opened the front gate I looked at the sky and commented on how clear it was. As we observed the stars, I noticed an object moving steadily across the sky. It made no sound and looked like two lights close together. It travelled in a straight line in a north-westerly direction until it disappeared over rooftops”.

Case 2.

Mr. Harry H, (70 years) Richmond Road,
Hinckley. 22:10 to 22:15 Hours.

Statement by Mr. H.

“On Sunday, October 1st., whilst walking in Richmond Park, Hinckley, I saw what appeared to be, firstly, two extremely bright lights approaching from the south-east. Before reaching the spot where I was standing, the lights seemed to merge into one wide narrow band of light. The ‘craft’ then started to change direction, going towards W.N.W. From this point, the narrow band of light it disappeared from my view, and, as it moved away from me I could see a few points of light until they disappeared altogether in the distance. At no time did I see any beam being given off from any of these lights. I would like to point out that the colour and brilliance of the two sets of lights differed greatly. The wide narrow one I saw first was of an extremely brilliant white intensity . The small pinpoints that came into view as it receded, were of the more ordinary yellow colouration. At no time whatsoever, did I hear any noise being emitted. As a jet plane, presumably on course for Castle Donnington, passed overhead almost immediately after my sighting, I would ascertain that the unknown ‘craft’ was flying at a lower height”.

Case 3, Sightings A & B. 22:30 Hours. Southfield Road.

On the above date, two men were enjoying a tea break outside of their employer’s factory, Bennett Brothers Ltd, Hinckley, when they noticed a very bright white light in the sky, apparently noiseless, pass in front of them at a low height.

Statement by witness ‘A’

“On Sunday, October 1st., 1978, I was with a friend taking a break outside Bennett Brothers, Southfield Road, It was approximately 10.30 p.m. We noticed in the sky to our left, (N.E.), a bright white light. It appeared to consist of two white lights close together. We watched it pass by in front of us from left to right. During the observation, which lasted for a few minutes, we noticed that there was no noise associated with the object. We finally saw the light disappear on the horizon, travelling towards Nuneaton” (S.W.).

Statement by witness ‘B’

“My workmate and I were standing at the gate of our factory having a break, at between 10.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m., when we observed two large lights travelling towards us, from over Burbage. And flying towards Nuneaton. We thought it strange as there were no aircraft navigation lights on the object, and also there seemed to be smaller pinpoint lights above it, which could have been lights from inside. It was travelling at about the speed of an old type piston biplane, e.g. a Tiger Moth , rather slowly.

There was no noise at all, and no shape to be observed against the night sky.


BELOW: October 1st., 1978-UFODNA DATA.

1 October 1978 14:15 - Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia - Hovered.

1 October 1978 Around 2200 - Silver Lake, Michigan, USA - An unidentified but otherwise conventional object was sighted. One object was observed by a group of witnesses (as reported to the police) at a lake for 45 minutes (Barnes). Explanation: Star.

1 October 1978 Around 2200 - Ludington, Michigan, USA - Photo. Explanation: Star.

1 October 1978 Night - Kyalami, South Africa - A flying disc was observed. One disc was observed in cloudy weather by two witnesses, a married couple (McTavish).


Appendix B.

Reported Daylight Aerial Phenomena in 1978, containing similar descriptive hovering characteristics to the October 23rd. Object with noted geographical connections

CASE/COMPUTER REF: 51-78-90-92.



Saturday, August 26th., 1978. 17.00 Hours.

Burbage Common, Hinckley, Leicestershire. SP 445 948.


The following case file concerns the independent sightings of what was quite possibly the same aerial phenomenon as it remained within a confined geographical area of Hinckley for an estimated time period of one hour fifteen minutes.

On the same afternoon, Saturday, August 26th., 1978, at approximately 3.30 p.m., investigators at Leicester H.Q. received several reports of an orange ‘light’ over fields near Braunstone, Leicester, with the only known aerial activity over this particular area subsequently discovered to have been a glider, which was at first thought to have caused the sightings by catching the Sun’s rays and giving the impression of a self-illuminated light. Later weather checks however, seemed to rule out this explanation as the cloud cover at the time was found to have been 8/8 at the time of the sightings. This factor meant of course that the ‘glider’ explanation was found later to be doubtful, and there may indeed have been a link between the Braunstone event and the later Hinckley sightings described below. This duel location factor however, was unsatisfactorily investigated at the time and now unfortunately remains only as a speculative part of these particular case histories. It could quite well mean that, like the January 24th., 1978 sightings, a geographical connection may have existed between both the Braunstone area sightings and those within the Burbage Common area, as outlined below.

The Hinckley Sightings

(Burbage Common)

At approximately 5.20 p.m., on August 26th., 1978, a local school teacher, a Mr. ‘E’, who at that time resided in Zealand Close Hinckley, Leicestershire, contacted local UFO investigators direct after just witnessing something strange in the sky. The witness gave his name and address, and his location , over the telephone, and arranged to remain at the location i.e. Laneside Drive,
Hinckley, until an investigator arrived on the scene. At 5.50 p.m., an investigation officer arrived at the given location , but found no trace of the witness. Remaining at the spot for some five minutes , the officer then decided to call at the address given as the witness’s home. On arrival at that address, the investigator obtained no response to his knocking, and concluded that the witness was not at home. He thereupon wrote a brief note advising Mr. ‘E’ that he had called, and attached this to a report form. Pushing both items through the witness’s letterbox, the investigator retired.

Sighting Two

. At that time it was not known that less than a hour previously, an unusual aerial object had also been seen over approximately the same area by a Burbage couple, Mr. and Mrs. ‘F’ who, at 4.45 p.m. on this date had been driving in their Land-Rover, along Leicester Road , Hinckley, (A47), towards Hinckley . As they were just passing the Burbage Common entrance road, which was on their left, Mrs. ‘F’ was the first to spot what she could only describe later as a “bright oval reflection”, similar in appearance to a car headlight, which was apparently hovering in the sky over the John Cleveland College area. She had pointed it out to her husband who, although busy driving, also managed to see the brightoval-shaped object which was seemingly just hanging in the sky. After watching for several seconds as they travelled along, the witnesses finally lost sight of the object as it became hidden by trees. At no time during the observation did Mr. ‘F’ consider slowing down or stopping to verify further just exactly what it was that both he and his wife were watching. The witnesses decided to return to the area some thirty minutes later, passing by the same point again where they first saw the object. On looking however, they saw no trace of it and returned home. At that time, the witnesses decided not to report their sighting.

Sighting Three

At approximately 6.00 p.m., some 45 minutes after Mr. and Mrs ‘F’ had driven past the John Cleveland College area for the second time, three young girls, ranging in age from 12 to 18 years, were travelling in a car owned by Beverly L, the eldest of the three. They were travelling slowly along a small road that leads off the main Hinckley to Sapcote Road, (A5070). This small road was later identified as Smithy Lane, which would lead the girls to their destination which was the riding stables which are situated close to Hobbs Hayes Farm, near Burbage woods.

Suddenly, Beverly caught sight of something in the sky off to her right, not very high and apparently not all that distant. She immediately called the other girl’s attention and, as they looked, they saw the same thing as Beverly. All three later agreed that what they saw was a ‘stationary silver sphere’ solid -looking, and sharply defined. They estimated it to be only eighty feet above the ground, apparently hovering above some trees in nearby Burbage Wood. The car was slowed down and eventually stopped, in order that a better view could be obtained of the phenomenon. The three girls watched for a further ten seconds or so, and were then startled to see the object fall or ‘shoot’ towards the ground, disappearing completely amongst the trees. Twelve years-old Elizabeth ‘N’ said that, as it disappeared, the object appeared to change its appearance, becoming more oval in shape.

Puzzled, the girls then continued on their journey towards the riding stables. Three days later, they reported their sighting to LUFORS, via Elizabeth N and the local press were informed. Subsequently, both the The Hinckley Times and the Nuneaton Tribune newspapers of September 15th., 1978, published accounts of the girl’s sighting. It was on reading those accounts that Mr. and Mrs. ‘F’ decided to report their observation.

Subsequent Investigation

Investigations into the August 26th., sightings commenced on September 1st., 1978, and, of course, intensified when Mr. and Mrs. ‘F’s report was received on September 16th.

Initially, researches centred on the account of the three girls outlined previously,, and, on September 2nd., the general location of their sighting was searched for possible traces.

The search lasted for a little over two hours, and approximately one square mile of ground was covered. Nothing of note however was discovered or detected.

The John Cleveland College was contacted via the live-in caretaker during the same week with an enquiry regarding any activities that may have involved the release of either helium or hot-air balloons on the date in question, which may have possibly caused the sighting reports. Perhaps, it was postulated, this action may have been carried out as part of some research project by students etc. It was subsequently discovered however, that the college was closed completely at the time of the sightings, and, as far as it was known, no such projects were planned.

On September 18th., Mr. and Mrs ‘F’ were interviewed, and both witnesses told consistent stories. They were individually questioned for thirty minutes, and a UFO report form was completed and duly signed by Mrs. ‘F’, who also spoke of several other alleged ‘UFO’ sightings she had had during the early part of the year, around the April period. Although these only aerial lights, viewed from the bedroom window of her home, there was one particular occasion mentioned when an illuminated flying object had approached the witness’s house in the darkness, and remained stationary at a point near her bedroom window. After a few minutes, the silent object ‘zoomed’ away in a general southerly direction. These experiences had clearly upset Mrs. ‘F’, and it should also be noted that although they were considered of little value to the investigation in hand at that time, the witness’s home is situated at a point along Sapcote Road, and, as such, not too far away from the Burbage Common area.

On September 19th., 1978, totally unexpected, a completed report form was received through the post from Mr. ‘E’. This contained sufficient information useful to the investigation, and, it was realised that investigators were dealing with an object, or objects, that had changed its/their location at various Stages during the time period involved on August 26th. Mr. ‘E’s statement regarding his observations was as follows:

“At 5.00 p.m. on this particular Saturday, I was walking down Zealand Close, on the Stonygate Estate, Hinckley, towards Laneside Drive,when I noticed an extremely large object just above the houses in Laneside Drive. The object appeared as an extremely bright orange, flattened ball-shape, with an hazy outline. This object seemed to be totally illuminated. The oval was in view for approximately one minute, and had disappeared by the time I had walked around the corner into Laneside Drive. Four people were also standing at the Barwell end of Laneside Drive looking up into the sky”.

Final Conclusions

From all accounts, although basic descriptions differ slightly, the final assumption was that all the witnesses involved viewed the same object as it moved slowly over the general area of Burbage Common/Leicester Road, hovering at times. The final part of these observations tends to describe however, a bursting balloon. Initially, it was thought that the brightness of the ‘balloon’, as described by witnesses, may have been caused by reflection of the Sun on the object’s surface. Further checks however, that at the times of all the sightings, the Sun was hidden behind 8/8 cloud cover. This cloud later produced light drizzle. In fact, it was already raining at the time of the girl’s sighting. This fact would seem to rule out any suggestion that the object was a balloon of some kind with a shiny surface. Checks were made with various sources that sometimes release research balloons. These enquires proved negative, as did all further enquiries regarding aerial activity over the area involved on the date in question. Further investigations into weather conditions in the area on the date concerned revealed that, at the time in question, surface wind speed was nil, and that it was altogether a very still day. Therefore, it was considered unlikely that any wind-borne object such as a balloon, would have travelled the described distances during the times given by the witnesses.

The possibility that the object/s, in this particular instance, could have been some form of electrical phenomena seems likely, however, the total duration of the event, if the times given are correct, seems unusually long for such phenomena to remain in existence.

The illuminated oval sightings therefore have been classed as unexplained.

N.B. It should be noted that none of the witnesses involved heard any sound produced by the object/s.

BELOW: August 26h.,1978-UFODNA DATA.

26 August 1978 - Moniquira, Colombia - Farmers incident.

26 August 1978 00:30 - Teloche, France - 15m wide orange triangle 20m away. Throbs. Witness feels tingling, paralysis. Animal reaction: frogs disturbed, leave area.

26 August 1978 19:30 - San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, USA - Radio frequency interference. Large metallic turnip-shaped UFO with band of red and green flashing lights mid-body, blue cone of light, ascended rapidly. Dull roar like jet. Smaller objects moved around object as it hovered over hill.

26 August 1978 After 2000 - East Kingston, New Hampshire, USA - A hovering object was observed. One object was observed by two male witnesses, typical age 26, for five minutes (Namowitz). A noise was heard.

26 August 1978 22:00 - Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA - An object was observed. Occupants of the craft were seen. One ovoid object was observed by two witnesses on the shore for over one minute.

N.B. See Also LUFORS Case 51/78/93. August 30th., 1978.


Appendix C.

Media Coverage of the ‘Silent Vulcan’ case in later years


ITEM; LEICESTERSHIRE CHRONICLELeicestershire Chronicle - January 2011 digital edition



Is there anybody out there? In October 1978, a UFO was seen by hundreds of people across Leicestershire. Cat Turnell reports…

Motorists swerved to the side of the road. People out walking hastened home. Housewives closing curtains stopped halfway. There was a ripple effect across the county as the three lights in the sky glided silently overhead.

In Burbage, a school caretaker unsheathed his Super 8 camera and caught whatever it was on film.

On Monday, October 23rd., 1978. Hundreds, possibly thousands, were left flummoxed at the sight of an Unidentified Flying Object above Leicestershire.

News of the UFO soon spread. By Thursday, October 26th., the first of three stories reached the Leicester Mercury.

“Reports are still coming in from all over Leicestershire and beyond following the sighting of a bright ‘delta-shaped’ unidentified flying object last Monday evening,” said a small piece on page 33.

Twenty separate sightings, revealed the article, were reported to the Leicester branch of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation (of) Leicester, based in Ellesmere Road, Braunstone.

“We’ve checked the local airfields and there hasn’t been any configuration of aircraft that it could have been”, said UAPROL spokesman Trevor Thornton.

By the following Monday, UAPROL had logged 200 calls. All reported seeing a craft that resembled a silent Vulcan bomber between 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm that night.

UFO sightings were recorded above Burton, Measham, Leicester, Hinckley, Coalville and Wigston, and across the border in north Warwickshire.

“The response is more phenomenal than the phenomenon”, added Trevor, a hosiery technician.

Over the years the case of the silent Vulcan has become well known in UFO circles.

But until now, we’ve never looked into what was happening in the night sky above Leicestershire, when the Earth below belonged to the Bee Gees.

And it has to be said - 1978 wasn’t just notable for muttered expletives in our verdant corner of the East Midlands. That year, the Ministry of Defence received its largest number of UFO reports to date - 750.

It was also the year director Steven Spielberg helped pack out cinemas across Britain with Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

The film about alien abduction and visitation had a lasting effect on many people.

Among them was 12-year old David Clarke.

Now Mr. Clarke, a historian, journalist and author of several books - including UFOs That Never Were and The UFO Files - has unlimited access to the MoD’s UFO material kept with the corridors of the National Archives at Kew. This includes items yet to be digitised and released to the press or public.

Dr Clarke, who lectures at Sheffield Hallam University, knows about the county sightings of October 23rd., 1978.

“They are very well known within the UFO community”, he reassures.

But this is where our thread starts to unravel. Despite the number of panicked calls to various county based UFO societies, not one individual made an official report to the Mod, the police or the RAF.

So, Doctor Clarke, having trawled through the MoD’s yellowing documents filed for that October, came back with little more than dusty hands.

“There is nothing in the Mod files for 1978 that is relevant” he says.

“That’s not to say the sightings were not genuine, only the people who saw these things clearly did not make an official report. That is the only way the MoD would have known about the sightings - unless something unusual was seen on radar, which it wasn’t in this case”.

If Leicestershire’s white-faced witnesses didn’t go to the Old Bill, they did go to the Leicestershire UFO Research Society, founded in 1971.

Current Society Chairman Jeff Lord released his recounting of the sightings last September.

“Whether or not one believes in UFOs or thinks that they all have a natural explanation“, he says, “Leicestershire’s ‘case of the silent Vulcan’ is one of those cases that has to be regarded as the definite sighting of a highly unusual and quite visible aerial object which can only be classed as ‘unidentified’.

Among the society’s interviewees was an air traffic controller working at East Midlands Airport in Castle Donington.

Crew and passengers of inbound Maltese Airlines’ flight 706, scheduled to land at 7.30 pm, had reported seeing an aircraft flying below 2,500 feet, within the airport’s flight corridor. The craft did not appear on the airport’s radar system.

And while that was interesting, it’s nothing next to the interview with Terry E, then caretaker at Hastings High School in Burbage: Mr. E. filmed the UFO for 30 seconds.

“When first seen, the object was very much like a bright star”, he said. “After a minute or so, it started to grow larger. When the object was approximately three quarters of a mile away, I used the 24mm zoom lens on my Super 8 movie camera to enlarge the image”.

“Looking at the object through the camera lens, I could just make out what looked like the leading edges of an aircraft’s wings, but they seemed much too thick. As the aircraft passed overhead there was no sound at all. The object was very low and it would have been very easy to hear any engines”.

“Mrs. E, Terry’s Mother, contacted RAF Bitteswell, two miles west of Lutterworth, to see if their Vulcan was flying that evening and was told it wasn’t.

Further statements came from people in Burbage, Broughton Astley, Littlethorpe, Hinckley, Measham and Market Bosworth. All reported a similarly silent craft. Like Mrs. O, from Carlton, who was driving home at 6.45 pm that evening.

“I saw an object which I first thought was a large aircraft, because it had three lights on and my first thought was that it had landing lights on, then I realised that the centre light would cover the whole of the cockpit. The other two lights were set back, and at this point I had stopped my car and got out.

I realised that the object was stationary, so I stood and watched. There was no sound. Suddenly, it started to move in my direction very slowly, and I stood and waited until it was above me and I felt that there were windows of some sort around it. At this point I felt afraid, so I got back into my car and drove away”.

Mr. R. M, an ex-RAF man in Burbage, also saw something.

“At first I thought it to be a Vulcan Aircraft and realised that the lights were stationary. I must have watched for two minutes and then rushed to get my binoculars out of the car which was close to hand. Before I had time to focus, the lights suddenly moved forwards at speed in a northerly direction without noise“.

Opinion - Jenny Randles

Jenny Randles is one of Britain’s leading ufologists. The former director of investigations at the British UFO Research Association has probed 20,000 ‘sightings’ over the past 36 years. The silent Vulcan was among them.

“In essence there were four separate phases of sightings that night”, she recalls. “Some were caused by a meteor that flashed through the air, but most were focused around the large triangular craft at approximately 7 pm, or assumed craft, as most witnesses just saw three lights at the apex to a triangle and joined the dots presuming them to be on a triangular craft.

“Experienced UFO investigation decrees that it is always tricky as humans see order in chaos all the time”.

Jenny has also examined the film taken in Burbage by Mr. E.

“Another issue to emerge was the matter of height. Assumptions as to size depend on an accurate estimate as to height and that is never possible against a dark sky. “Witnesses notoriously misperceive the height/size equation and this object could easily have been larger and higher. And if higher, its slow speed and lack of noise is less anomalous for a military aircraft because witnesses tended to think it was smaller and lower and so really slow moving and strangely silent”.

Jenny, who has written 40 books on UFOs, and investigated sightings across the world, says a pattern soon emerged when they examined where the craft had been spotted.

“When we looked at the distribution of the reports they focused around RAF Alconbury which certainly suggested to us a military cause, even though one has never been confessed by the base or thus proven”.

RAF Alconbury in Cambridgeshire is under the control of the United States in Europe. This long-held UFO, she believes, was a Cold War stealth aircraft being put through its paces above the Midlands, having set off from the east.

“It was several years later, 1988 as I recall, that the USAF stealth aircraft - or ‘Aurora’, was finally admitted to exist, and MoD sources whom I met, one being an undersecretary who had a UFO portfolio, indicated that the USAF had run early tests in the UK and some had occurred from in and around Alconbury.

“He was not surprised, though had seen no reports he said, that these tests might have been seen and reported locally as UFOs”.

This information was further supported by USAF pilots at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

Later, while lecturing at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire, RAF crew told her it was a “fairly open secret” that stealth flights had occurred from Alconbury around 1978-1979..

“I also spent some time in the United States and spoke with aero engineers in California about Aurora. They said the project first flew in 1977 and several crashes occurred in the early days. So its areas of operation were kept secret. But they knew it flew in Europe from 1978 and the UK was indeed its first overseas base”.

The Aurora was eventually revealed to the public in the early ‘90’s, but by now it was old technology.

“Its sleek triangular shape fits well with the Silent Vulcan sightings”, nods Jenny, so at that point we concluded this was the most likely explanation for the events. I should add that in the following four weeks there were further reports of the same phenomenon a little further north, in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Between November 26 and 28 we recorded half a dozen cases and witnesses used terms like: huge triangle, jellyfish and manta ray to describe the large craft they read into the lights. On 26 November one object was tracked via several independent witnesses passing on a track through Coventry, Nuneaton and as far north as Whalley Bridge in Derbyshire”.

There is doubt in Jenny’s mind that Leicestershire’s most bizarre UFO sighting is now an IFO - an Identified Flying Object.

Jenny now believes that 95% of all cases can be resolved as IFOs.

“There have been well over 300 things that have triggered sightings. They range from the commonplace: aircraft lights, space junk burning up and so on, and pass through many phases as technology introduces brand new causes for misperception, such as satellites in the 1960’s, laser displays in the 1980’s, and these days the ubiquitous Chinese lanterns .

Of course, 5% of the hundreds of sightings made within the UK alone each year are still unaccounted for. I am persuaded that some of these involve phenomenon on the edge of atmospheric physics and will add to our understanding of the Earth’s geo sphere. I call these things UAP, as the term Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena clarifies what they are and, more importantly, what they are not, the stereotypical idea of a UFO. I have to say that I have not seen any substantive evidence that any UFO case involves alien technology visiting here. To be honest, the vast majority of what you read in the media is complete twaddle. Of course, there are still unsolved ones and I do think some are likely to be more than just misperceptions. But they are not the kind of exciting UFO that most people assume you mean when you use that term“.

“Unsolved is not insoluble“, concludes Jenny, “and it is also not the same thing as extraterrestrial”.


Appendix D.

Pursuing the spy plane theory further..

By Jeff Lord

Having reviewed available information on spy planes and their history, I believe that a strong Contender for the October 23rd. 1978 sightings, is the experimental ‘Tacit Blue’. (Wingspan 14.7 meters), - which followed and looked similar to Northrop’s Battlefield Surveillance Aircraft - The experimental Tacit Blue BSAX .

The BSAX itself was designed to ‘loiter around a battlefield’, instead of launching an attack and leaving. It would be asked to present all sides to an enemy, and so it required all round stealth. An initial model of BSAX, was tested with disastrous results in the summer of 1977. However, one of the design team members, Fred Oshira, did some rethinking of the design, and apparently came up with a solution. A new airframe design, that gave very little for a radar beam to hang on to. In April 1978, DARPA awarded Northrop a contract for a single, flying prototype of the design, which was given the codename ‘Tacit Blue’. That being the case, if such an aircraft would be ready for a test flight in some secluded area of a small island called England, where a convenient secret runway and hanger would be available, in and around say Autumn 1978, (although officially, its first test flight didn’t occur until February, 1982). During that test flight it would ‘loiter around the battlefield’ (Hover at times?), as another craft tried to lock a radar beam on to it. (Two similar objects).? This would take quite some time, and unfortunately, due to its general design characteristics, and extra safety lighting systems, the aircraft would be easily seen by many people on the ground. In the event however, the new prototype could easily pass, one would suppose, as a true, bonafide ‘UFO’, especially if it was seen during the showing of the ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ film which was showing during the period in question.



Below is an extract taken from the 1996 book ‘Open Skies, Closed Minds’ by Ex-MOD UFO Desk Officer Mr. Nick Pope, discussing the ‘flying triangle’ sightings across the Globe.

‘Could alien intelligence be using ‘black’ projects as a cover, relying on scientists and military and government personnel to write off an unexplained triangle in the sky as just another secret prototype they don’t know about? Who exactly is fooling whom?



The Case Of The Silent Vulcan

Mark Brown & Graham Hall

Last Words….

“The October 23rd. 1978 County sightings are now very well known within the UFO Community”

David Clarke - historian and journalist - November, 2010.

“The response to this event is more phenomenal than the phenomena”

Trevor Thornton - UAPROL Chairman - October 26th., 1978.

“For me, the evening of October 23rd., 1978, was a quiet one”

Mr. ‘C’ Head of Air Traffic Control, East Midlands Airport. - June 1982.

“The Sleek triangular shape of the late 1990’s Stealth aircraft, fits well with the 1978 ‘Silent Vulcan’ sightings”

Miss Jenny Randles - Journalist and Former Director of Investigations - British UFO Research Association - November, 2010.

“I realised that the object was stationary, so I stood and watched. There was no sound, I was very afraid”

Mrs. O. A.- Eyewitness, Carlton, Leicestershire - June, 1981.

“I assure you that there was No noise and a Harrier Jet could not clear the distance from hover to speed in the time and without noise. I often think of this and keep looking out but cannot find a single solution”.

Mr. R. M. - Eyewitness, Burbage, Leicestershire - June 1981.





The truth behind 'UFO sightings' - This Is Leicestershire

.August 10th., 2009. (7).

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UFO mystery in skies over Burbage - January 22nd., 2010. (8). Hinckley Times

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No Martians, just Chinese lanterns

UFO's in Leicester - 13/02/2010 : Aliens & UFOs



Includes: The Black Triangle Mystery
By Clyde Lewis
Since 1990 there have been over 4000 sightings of what is known as the "Flying Triangle" or "Silent Vulcan" Over Britain. In the early 90's there were a similar number over Belgium, France, Holland and Germany, with fighters being sent up to intercept this unknown craft.



/The Earth Lights Debate For the Defence. Paul Devereux - MAGONIA


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